Wednesday, November 19, 2014

1 day toilet training success insyaAllah!


I just want to say in this short entry that one of the simple joys in life as a mother is to able to toilet train their kid! and alhamdulillah! Yusuf is officially 2 years 9 months today and managed to toilet train him yesterday!

Hope i haven't spoke too soon because ini baru hari kedua and he seemed to gotten the hang of it! of course after 4 "accidents" inside the house and one outside the first day, but he then proudly tell me he needs to shee shee and did it INSIDE the toilet!!! and you can imagine how ecstatic i was!!! terlompat2 sambil duking maryam! hahahaha.

I admit i stopped training him the first time a few months back coz Maryam baru keluar and i was adjusting to handling two bubbas, not to mention facing Yusuf's jealous streaks at times during the first months. so cleaning up after his accidental mess was just too much for me to handle without nearly breaking down on him. of course, i refuse to allow that to happen and end up break down lat hubby instead. hehehe. kesian lar he became my punching bag. and yeah, was pretty lazy to do all that as well lar kan!

It was hubs yg consoled me and said not to force yusuf and just go with the flow when he's ready. so  i did.

So now since maryam dah 6 months plus and i'm able to have sorta a routine schedule in managing them both, i decided to have a go again. so i came across this method of 3-day successful potty training. altho i didn't use a potty lar. And subhanallah, he got the hang of it on day 1! so far today no accidents yet and i'm not confident to try it thru naps and bedtime so i put on the nappies time tu jer. Am now really hoping it will be a 100% growing up milestone achievement from now onwards insyaAllah! semoga istiqamah! hehe.

The method involves having him naked from the waist down. so i would tell him excitedly that is a "no diaper day" today! of course lots of advice and encouragements are given as well. Alhamdulillah the trick to handling Yusuf is really just talking to him and explaining to him how i would to an adult. At least that is how i will continue raising my kids. and it works for me alhamdulillah.

oh, and today jugak he learnt to cycle the bike! still struggling a bit to maintain consistency sbb tak biasa, but am thrill! These may be little2 stuff but boy, am i grateful to see new achievements daily!
Thank You ever so much ya Allah!

As for the toilet training thingy, semoga i istiqamah! I've been warned to expect more accidents. let's just hope i'm strong enough to handle them!

Till then peeps! gotta uncheck the next thing in my to-do list before the bubbas wake up from their naps!

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