Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Quranic miracle...

Salam and good day everyone.


To write this up has not been easy for me, for i kept holding back and have been having ongoing discussions about it with hubs. As much as i can see the possible benefits of sharing something good, it is in my nature of thinking negatively of some people who would see it in an ill-mannered form. senang citer i pun bersangka buruk lar kat depa and vice versa. but i must admit that this is in fact a blessing and a miracle that i should not keep from other people. for it would definitely benefit me more as my investment in the akhira, for which that is better for me.

Speaking of miracles, we must all agree that nothing can even come close to the miracle that is the Quran. From its content, language and historic events of its descend on earth to us. All of it are amazing masyaAllah. As a mother, who only wants what's best for her children, i have made it a personal goal that i want them to be amongst the best in Allah's eyes insyaAllah.

So what do i know? How do i even begin? The only method i'm aware of and is currently doing, is to do the opposite of how i was brought up in areas that i think can be much further improved in myself. This thinking of course is very much tailored individually for only you would know what is best for you based on the knowledge you have gathered and exposed yourself with. So i would want my kids to be as if, if Rasulullah saw is still alive with us today, they would be his companions whom he would cherish.

MasyaAllah. Big dreams i know. But hey, just because it doesn't sound worldly enough like wanting Yusuf to be an astronaut or Maryam as a nuclear scientist, that doesn't mean it's not valid. And I believe it is very much achievable. How? you guessed it. with lots and lots and lots and lots of tears, sweat and sleepless nights. But just as you are motivated in doing something you love, this is me. In doing what i love. and it's a new found love indeed!

So how can i raise my kids with the potential material of Rasulullah saw's sahabah? Teaching the Quran is one. And it is what i'm currently concentrating on. And alhamdulillah, God has willed it that i am able to teach the Quran to Yusuf. yeah me!! can you believe it? i pun cannot at first! but was i going to let my privilege of having his first Al-fatihah recitation given to some teacher in school?? heck no!!! i'm gonna grab and reap as much as i can from my children for my deeds to score for Allah! and alhamdulillah, at the tender age of under 2, he has managed to recite Al-fatihah and one of my fave surahs Ar-Rahman up till verse 13. of course not with proper tajweed but that will get better in time iA.

Now. At 2 years 8 months, i officially come forth to you by sharing that he could read up to 19 surahs from the juzu amma! What i mean by read is reciting from memory and yes! reading! as in knowing which surah is An-nas and which is Al-Adiya etc2! Ayat by Ayat! Again, some pronunciation can be improved but you can tell he is reading that surah and in the correct order masyaAllah! In fact, he has now decided to skip to the last surah of juzu amma which is surah An-Naba' (i wanted to follow by order just because well... ocd sikit! haha). So i thought ok, if  he could handle it why not kan? coz i considered it to be longer and challenging to recite. and yes, coz i pun tak hafal lagi! haha!

Well, lemme just slap myself for undermining my own son. we read together and over time he began to read and practice till he can now read the entire surah! on his own! in fact he can also correct me when i'm wrong and habiskan the next ayat for me when i forgot!!! subhanallah!!! i know right?? i cried whenever that happened. in fact I'm teary now! He is now ahead of me and wanting to go to the next surah which is An-Naziat and here i am terkial2 nak hafal my next 'section' of memorising till ayat 26 of surah An-Naba'! *criess*

But i honestly don't mind it one bit! At all! Even if i have to check thru the Quran for his future recitations of the bigger longer surahs, why not?! This is wanting the best for my son! and insyaAllah Maryam will too follow suit! Ya Allah! All praise is indeed to You! And as mother, I pray for my kids the safeguard from the devil in any forms and from those that bear ill-feelings. One thing i learn is that not all will share the joy of something good that is shared. Out of ego and self-inferiority, some will look at this as a form of envy and jealousy. But seriously i don't mind. Coz I get pahala both ways. How? One is from my efforts doing this task and that other people will benefit from it, and the other is from potential dengki peeps who gladly give their pahala freely to me. Yeayness! But I admit i have no power to move and change the hearts of men. For that power comes only from You. and You alone choose who You deem worthy.

So i thank You, endlessly for choosing me, my husband and my kids. I for sure, will look to those who know ilmu that i do not, and will not shy away from it. For that itself is a form of blessing of how You choose the worthy. You purge the hate and jealousy out of anyone's heart. And thank You for filtering such people away from me and my family. For i know who is brought closer and kept distant from me. And You have definitely answered that doa of mine. So I beg you to continuously purify my heart for i will always need it. Keep choosing me to be amongst the guided, and may i make full use of whatever life i have left, my every breath in search of knowledge of the deen that will bring me and my family closer to You Ya Allah. InsyaAllah. 

As i would love to share the videos of Yusuf reciting, let's hope it will made possible in my next update insyaAllah. And as for the efforts i did in achieving this humble beginnings of a greater achievements to come insyaAllah, that is for another topic hopefully. For wallahi, they are only efforts, the decisive blessing for it to happen is none other from the Almighty. But of course, don't expect that by doing nothing or very little you nak anak you jadi hafiz senang2 kan? common sense ok. Take note, i'm not planning for my kids to become ustaz/ustazah to make a living. unless they choose to do so. Coz their worldly careers, i let them decide. but becoming a hufaz, is what i choose for them as part of becoming His servant. His mukmin. And i will step my foot down, so hard! to anyone, and i mean anyone! who tries to sway them away from the Quran or interfere with this task of mine. You have been warned.

To those who know my kids, do keep them in your prayers.

La hawla wala quwwata illah billah.

There is no power or might except with Allah.

Till then.

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  1. Seronoknya Fatin. Alhamdulillah. I hope to be able to get my girls to read the Quran well too, InsyAllah.