Tuesday, November 25, 2014

what's on your mind?


Follow up from my previous post, alhamdulillah the bubba is doing pretty well. altho there were some "accidents" of "oops!" and "oh no's!", but it was tolerable. so far lar! He actually insist on not wearing the diaper during nap and sleep time! tu yg i tak larat and kinda not giving in to the request. hehehe. pengsan kot nak wash tilam jer!

As for little baby maryam, (whose not so little anymore!) i felt 2 budding teeth on her lower jaw yesterday! yeaaaaayyy! a few more and you can start eating solids okay? but for now tunggu dull yea cayang! oh yes! i insist to still follow what i have done with Yusuf the last time. May He continue to help me in this iA.

okay laar. nothing else to post sangat, coz I'm sorta listening to a youtube video while the bubbas are napping away! hehehe. oh but do enjoy these next pictures of what i have been up to the past few weeks. and yes, it's all about fooooodddd!

Current activity! buat fruit cake!!!

2nd attempt and jadi mA! dari tak berapa suka jadi suka! hehe

as you can see, this steamer is my current best friend!

saja-saja try!

mee rebus ya'll! 

Lontong and sambal tumis ya'll!

Nasi Ayam ya'll! 

haaaa ni mmg confirm i tak buat! mesti terperanjat uolls if i did!
Saja letak coz i want one now!

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