Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Our Birth Plan for Maryam

Salam everyone!

Do excuse me for it took awhile for me to update. Had to settle Maryam's aqiqah and also adjusting to handling 2 kids. A new thrill i must admit! hehe.

Alhamdulillah, thank you for your doas, well wishes and kind words regarding my experience in delivering Maryam. it was great to share it with you and may it benefit you to goodness insyaAllah!

So here's to some of your requests who wished to know our birth plan for Maryam's delivery. Kindly take note that i have modified this based on Yusuf's to better suit my needs as i now know what to expect with experience and after more reading. I strongly advise against just copying without knowing. Why? Coz if you're not sure of what YOU want, should a turn of events happened on your big day, you would easily panicked if the doctor coerce you into something that you are not familiar with and not in your birth plan. This might result in consequences that you will regret later from the lack of proper knowledge and the absence of confidence that comes with that knowledge. nauzubillah.

It is true, we are supposedly to be in control more with our own baby's birth. But please do so with ilmu and an open, heart-to-heart discussion with your gynae. As a medical doctor myself, i strongly believe in doing things with adequate knowledge and proper planning. It is with these, can one be confident and calm with one's decision, in any circumstances. Coz that is what this whole hypnobirthing is about right? To birth with confidence and with calmness. These of course coupled with constant doas and prayers for His blessings and help.

So with bismillah, here is our birth plan:

Our Birth Plan

1st Stage Labour

·      Would like to be able to listen to ipod and bring scents while waiting
·    ***Only necessary usage of EFM – very uncomfortable when wrapped continuously around tummy last time
·      No induction please
·      Very minimal VE unless necessary
   No artificial rupture of membrane please – would want it spontaneous
·   Absence of artificial pain relief medicines please
·      ***Able to ambulate or use birth ball to facilitate birthing process and pain management
·    Would not want any lines attached and to hope any procedures needed to be done to be asked permission and my informed consent first

2nd Stage Labour

·  To be able to birth in any position – preferably squatting coz it did wonders the last time!
·      No episiotomy please
·  No excessive cord traction, Pitocin injection or manual removal of placenta unless evidence of excessive postpartum bleeding
·      ***Would want cord attached to baby after placenta is delivered and then cut
·      No suction or cleaning of vernix done to baby please
·  To be allowed immediate skin to skin contact and breastfeeding
·      No use of erythromycin or salve for baby’s eyes

After delivery

·      ***Baby is to be with me all the time

Discussed, agreed and signed by,

(DR IDORA MOHAMED)                                                              Date: 

The points noted with *** is modified/added for Maryam's birth. The rest are in original birth plan for Yusuf's. Again, please tailor-made your birth plan to suit your needs (coz you might want something different than i did!) and with sufficient knowledge. i must stress the importance of this again. coz tak nak you regret, just because you insist to stick with the birth plan, but it might not be safe for you to do so and you don't know it, should something unexpected happens. I don't want to be biased by saying i'm a doctor so i'm much more aware of medical emergencies than non-medical peeps, but sadly that might be the case. But if you are prepared to make decisions with known and informed risks, like how we are trained to be answerable for, then by all means, it is still your right. So correct knowledge of what you're asking and doing it for, is best.

I know i've been repeating "knowledge" in this post like 100 times. but this is because of my concern to some of you who asked for birth plans but have not been to a hypnobirthing class to learn about them. I'm not sure if Google suffice in making you learn and create one. So i highly recommend attending the classes like i did. 

As it is known, we can only plan, but the best outcome still comes from Him. Birth plans or no birth plans. =)

Take care mommies and mommies-to-be! semoga bermanfaat insyaAllah! 

Much love!

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  1. Tq for sharing Fatin ! This is great :) I totally agree with you reminding us to do this with enough knowledge and ownership..tak semua orang ada keperluan yang sama. And you being a doctor yourself, I like how your opinion is balanced and advocate mothers to work together with their caregiver instead of banning them! Its great to see how mothers can benefit when technology and nature has a common goal :)

    Take care! :)