Thursday, May 8, 2014

I had another natural birth!

Salam and good day everybody!

Well well well!! It's that time again! I gave birth! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 

So let's get crackin with the birth story shall we?

As an avid hypnobirthing student, we ( yeap hubs and i) were determined to have another natural birth of our baby. But the drawback this time was my previous gynae wouldn't allow me to have a birth plan as extensive as before because of the incident where a medical counsellor succumbed to homebirth from complications.

"But even if i deliver kat hospital? I bukan nak buat kat rumah boss!"

"Sorry fatin. But i can only let you go as far the last time. Come in for appointment and i will explain."

Heartbroken and to cut the story short, i tak jadi pergi lar appointment dia kan. We had to resort to searching for a gynae that would support this birth plan of ours for a natural birth. And we stumbled and decided on Dr Idora from Pantai Bangsar. And i must say during follow ups, the vibes and cooperation we got from her has been awesome. She scanned through our birth plan and just said "Ok! No problem!" Alhamdulillah! Nnt iA i put a post khas for her jer lar ok! Hehehe.

So fast forward to 29th April. I was awakened by a sudden urge to go poo-poo. But when i did go, nothing happened. So ok. The peculiar thing about it was i couldn't find myself standing too long coz i felt "heavy" down there. It was unusual coz it kinda came on and off and i had to sit down to let it pass. I thought it could be braxton hicks coz it was pretty mild. Hubs noticed this but head to work anyways knowing it could be a false alarm. Yusuf was still sleeping, so i decided to make some breakfast first. Even then i started feeling it during memasak tu. But somehow i carried on and yusuf woke up just in time to eat them.

So after eating, i decided to do the usual which is to shower and bathe yusuf as well. Since the sensation is still there, I decided to time it. And guess what, the pattern fits the 511 code!! (One surge lasting 5 mins for 1 hour). But the difference was that it felt more like mengeras, not like the pretty obvious surges i felt masa Yusuf dulu and there was no show too. I whatsapped hubs telling him about it and siap emailed my contraction tracker. And he was like "wow! I should head home right?" At that point i didn't really know what to answer coz i worry it would be a false alarm coz tak berapa sakit and kesian if cuti dia wasted. BOLEH TAKK??!!

Anyways he got home another hour later and i got yusuf ready. This time is about nearly 11am and i sempat did solat Dhuha to ask for His blessings. I waited at home sitting on one of the birth balls i have (i got 2 of diff sizes btw!) as it provides me comfort coz I'm pretty used to using them. In the car, nearing the hosp, the sensation got slightly intense so i thot haaa ok jugaklar pergi hospital ni. We arrived in the labour room about 12pm, but sampai jer for initial assessment, the thing mcm slowly dissappeared and the nurse mcm tak convince i was in labour so they didn't alert the doctor in case CTG showed no active signs and i could be discharged back home. I pun was calmly talking to the nurse and they macam tak rasa i was having labour pain. Plus, initially i refused VE (vaginal examination), but after realizing i could be sent back i might as well know if my os is open or not lar kan. I just dont like them VEs!!!

So i consented to the first one. And GUESS WHAT LAR PEEPS! i was already 6cm open!!! Waaahh the look on that nurse's face! Terus nak prep and baru nak terkial2 booking bilik and interview i for birthing policies and procedures! Haaa! I was equally surprised as well! My husband was smiling lar kan! The baby is actually really coming today! Then i alerted my parents who were both surprised to know i'm gonna be in labour soon! Thank god my mom kerja dekat jer at klinik pergigian bangsar. But my dad was all the way in Nilai for his golfing sesh. Someone had to mind Yusuf while i deliver the baby. So thankfully my sisters and mom got there pretty soon. Altho i wished Yusuf could have been in the same room to see it.

So because of that news, i think psychology lar kan, i started to feel the strong surges. Hubs pump the birthing ball for me to rest on in between the surges. Coz yeap! I plan to deliver squatting again this time! No lying down strapped to the bed please!! He lit the lampe berger scented oil and i get to freely walk around the room if i wanted to. He also fed me dates and air zam-zam in between and i relaxed to the Quran recitation by Mishary Al-Afasy reverberating the room. (Btw, all this were in my birth plan ok peeps! Syok kan?! Hehe.) Hubs is already a pro at prepping the room to fit our natural birth ambience to how i would want it; to be as comfortable, spa-like, hotel-standard as we can! Hehehe! (Love u till infinity cyg!). I went to the toilet twice and finally decided to be on the mat on the floor. Masa ni still got one nurse want to do some checklist lar apa benda but i really didn't feel like talking. I felt the surges getting stronger and stronger that it somehow seemed so near! Thankfully Dr Idora showed up coz i thought she's gonna miss the whole thing! This time i really felt the intensity rising and i actually forgot how painful it can get. I know i shouldn't use the word pain but i felt like giving up. Like pls stop all this! Then i remembered! I learnt that when you start feeling that, the birth of the baby is actually really near! U know when people advise you when u reach the point of giving up, hold on and then it will be over and you'd succeed?? Well that was it! Coz after that i kept doing my breathing, asking hubs to lightly rub my back when i squatted and rest on top of the ball (trust me the whole light massage helped!), then the "pain" changed into such a familiar sensation of wanting to poo real bad!!! Confirmed sgt dah baby dah betul2 kat bawah! 

And during this whole time, the room was somehow "busy" with the nurse scowering around dunno doing what, and Dr Idora coaxed me to move on top of the bed where it will be much more comfortable for me to squat and rest in between. And maybe easier to sambut the baby. She wanted to do another VE to see how far along i am, but i sempat begged "no! Please don't! She's coming already!" And then fell silent concentrating on my breathing and the whole nak constipate poo thing trying to calm down! They were still coaxing me coz i didn't respond to move and didn't bother answering their pleas. I practically just ignored them and looked down concentrating on my breathing. My hubs pun tried talking to me but i just couldn't utter a word! How could i move when i rasa dah sangat dekat?!!

And finally she stopped asking me coz she must have seen the tip of my baby's head down there. So she surrendered to just proceed on the floor where i was. They actually thought lambat lagi so that explains the continuous coaxing. Plus i was pretty quiet. Probably thot i was degil sungguh! Hehe. And of course the VE was unnecessary lar kan! I was holding my husband's hands who was across the ball from me and didn't let go. Dr Idora was calling him to see the baby's head coming out but he didn't get a chance to see it. Sorry sayang! After a few more breathing downs (this time i remembered to be patient and not push when the surges paused), the head finally came out. And again, i didn't have to do much for my uterus contracted on her own for one final push and out came baby!!! Dr Idora caught her this time! And she gave a wee short cry and i sat down and she was passed into my arms!!!! Ohhh she's sooo beautiful masyaAllah!!! And that familiar look of a baby looking up to me, searching while i hug her! Just like Yusuf did! What a relief!!!

Time of birth was 2.10pm and i realized i had her out in less than 2 hours with that position!!! Hoooray for squatting eh!! Her cord was still attached and hubs azankan her while she attentively looked around the room, my face, then hubby's as if wanting to eventually look at the outside world after months being inside the womb!!! How alert, and so very pink she was ok!! Unlike yusuf who pooed on me, she shee-sheed! Hehehe! After the azan and another minute of observing around, she finally latched onto me and had her first feed! Alhamdulillah! 

Now you're not gonna believe this, coz i find it surprising myself. But the last time we decided to cut the cord when it stopped pulsating. But this time we thought of just leaving it attached to baby till the placenta is out. In my experience it took the placenta quite awhile to come out time Yusuf coz i refused syntometrine injection to expedite its delivery. So i thot it's gonna take awhile again this time. But honestly, tak sampai 10minit, i'm already feeling the surges once again and actually asked "what's happening?" Coz rasa macam nak beranak lagi! Haha. Then Dr Idora said we should cut the cord coz the placenta is already just down there. And i was in a sitting down position! We agreed to cut it, and after 2 more surges, came the "lengthening" and she pulled my placenta out! Sekejap ok! The first experience macam payah they nak pull out! This time it was easy and less painful! Alhamdulillah!!!! Soooooo grateful!

A few more minutes on the floor, it was time to move me onto the bed. The last time, i actually passed out because, well i was in active labour for 12 hours and drained out of energy. Thankfully this time i felt much more alert and energetic to get on the bed safely. In fact i was feeling great and didn't sleep until it was 11pm that night! Alhamdulillah for everything ya Allah. For the stamina from those prenatal exercise classes as well! For only You who gave me all this and eased my journey into delivering my baby girl safely. You have indeed answered my prayers and i'm ever so grateful that despite the flaws i have as Your servant, Your promise is true: For You will answer all prayers and all that i need to do was ask from You.

So Dr Idora proceeded to stitching me up. yeap! i need them again apparently! but alhamdulillah it wasn't that bad. And I must say she did an awesome job for i hardly feel any pain as i did the last time i got stitched! Our baby weighed 3.44kg and measured 53cm long. Very similar stats to Yusuf! After everything was settled, i was allowed to be seen by my family members and of course Yusuf. Who was pleasantly surprised to see me with "adik" that was finally out of my tummy! Seeing him bend over to kiss her was priceless. Not to mention hugging me while i hold baby, all 3 of us on the same bed. If besar lagi, i nak jer hubs pun baring skali! Hehe.

And that was it peeps! I must say i am really blessed indeed for this easy, natural birth. Would love to share with you on some routines i did during pregnancy that in my opinion maybe the factor that allowed this blessing to happen. Wallahualam. I have been repeating them in  this pregnancy as how i've practised with my first pregnancy with Yusuf. But because that time it was too early to say, i thought since it happened again this time, i can finally open up to uolls yang interested to know. IA in another post. 

I would like to thank my family members who were there for me in my time of need. And all of you who took the time to make doa for me and baby for this wonderful safe natural birth as well. May He reward all your kindness! Last but not least, to my birthing companion. My pillar of strength. My life. And the father to my now 2 children. I love you so much sayang. Thank you for just being you and for loving me. What will i do without you! ;) We are indeed blessed by Him and may we continue seeking His blessings till we're together in jannah iA.

Lastly, thank you for your time reading this. As you can see, the actual birth story kejap jer, but biasalar, drama kena lebih! hehe. some things never change eh? :P


Today marks the 10th day our baby out in this world and alhamdulillah she is healthy and doing great. We have already given her a name on the 7th day and we proudly call her Maryam. May she continue be as blessed, strong, courageous and brave as how Maryam (Mary) was iA! Coz to me, she has already shown all that while in my womb and during that epic world entrance! Do make doa for her. 
 *Much love!*

our precious at 3rd day of life. Rupa sama macam Yusuf!

Thank You Allah for blessing me with another responsibility. I will gladly
take it with open arms! May raising them brings me closer to You iA.

Cukur hair time on the 7th day by yours truly, Hubby!

Like Yusuf, she enjoyed the mini head massage! Daddy's a pro!

Our darling Maryam! we love you to bits honey!


  1. Congratulations! :) I am doing checkups with Dr Idora too, just wondering whether you can share your birth plan and when did you submit and discussed it with her?

    1. Thank you! InsyaAllah i will post it up in my next post yea! I showed it to her pun dah about 2 months nearing my due date i think.

  2. Alhamdulillah Fatin! Welcome to the world, Maryam!

  3. Congrats Fatin! you are my idol!
    you make me want to do f/up with Dr.Idora too!
    im G2P1 @ 27weeks now.. you think I can do booking with her now?
    I want a normal SVD too. I had a LSCS last time..