Thursday, January 31, 2013

January in a post!

Salam and helloooo everybody!

Sorry for the silence since entering 2013! January pun dah habis today! Reason? well, none really in particular i guess. Ilham tak datang nak blog boleh? hehe. So here's a rough list of what happened since new year:

1. Yusuf had fever since last year! Okaaayy! A bit too dramatic lar (some things never change! ;P). He was sick for nearly a week with JUST fever. Thankfully he recovered without me panicking the worst! Im guessing teething kot, coz i can see a new tooth emerging lateral to his middle upper incisors!

2. Then Mr B got sick. Unfortunate to start the year with this new ailment. But nevertheless am grateful that it's not that serious and thankful for the much-awaited wake-up call for him! InsyaAllah, with this test, I am convinced he will be rewarded greatly too. Amin. :)

3. Got involved in giving a talk to old folks in JB on "kesihatan warga emas". Altho the talk was suppose to only last 1 hour, but the preparation i tell u, takes me about a month! So since i didnt get to finish my work, i vowed to not update my blog becoz it will look like i have the time for blogging but no discipline on my powerpoint! Hahaha! Alasan kan?

4. January of coz it's a dear month to me simply because i was born innit. So yeah peeps! I turned 30 on the 19th aritu! Butttttt.... I learned that it's just another day and i am grateful to be given the oppurtunity to be 30 and become what i am now. Alhamdulillah. So for me, life begins at 30. It doesn't hurt to go all "i get what life is" earlier by 10 years i think! hehe. In fact, i'm gonna rock it! =P. I spent the day out with momma and aloot coz mr B was working. Then we had a small family dinner that night.

5. We had our mini break at Thistle Port Dickson on Sunday. This was after we attended mr B's boss-friend's E-day! (congrats nafiq!). It is definitely a fun family hotel, where the pool, in my opinion is the main attraction. Dalam ok! but the beach sadly wasn't that spectacular. And because it was during the holidays, there were ALOT of people! ok, i sound like i'm anti-crowd or something, but i'm more of a not-so-hectic-hotel-staying kinda person. i don't like it too quiet either, but too many people made the breakfast experience mcm kat hawker stall! but nevertheless it was ok. My fave PD hotel so far would be Avillion. =)

As they say, pictures tell a thousand words. So i might as well do that coz Yusuf is stirring from his nap from the sound of my typing! enjoy!

1. Mommy-baby date at Fit For 2 Bangsar.

Yusuf at FF2. Nak jadi the next chuck hughes ker cyg? hehe

Yusuf wants to play!

With Lucas! Color-coded bros!

With stunning mommy of twins Staphanie! seen here with Jo-ash.

Witht the beautiful mommy Sophie and Lucas!

Swapping mommies and both not liking the idea!
We were preggy together, now all have popped!

2. Date with Iza the pinkstilettos, and Suraya the red flats (not in pic! grrr!). I am officially Fatin the purple wedges! =P

Our Tea at Delicious! mmg delicious!!

Doing Iza's famous pose!
3.  Day out with mommy and aloot!

Sisterly love! smoooocchhh!

Me with my mama!!! looooveee!

While grandma was shopping!


4. PD mini vacay!

Off to PD we go!!!

Swimming is a MUST!

Playing with daddy in the playroom!

Let's play ball!!!

Daddy! why u bury me in these balls?!!

mommy stay inside the house ok!!
Nak jalaaannn!!!

Breakfast by the beach!!!

Main air kat beach pulak! yeaaaayyy!

Ok mommy yg stress seluar dia dah basah! But he likes it!

Checking out dah!!! Thanks daddy!!!

In the car: don't want holiday to end! =P

So that's about it! Hope u enjoyed the pics! nak upload banyak lagi but then this post won't be published in the January section nanti! hehe.

Till next time!


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