Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I delivered my own baby... part two!

Well hello hello!

I must say I didn't expect this kind of crowd to be reading my previous post! Thank you all for the well wishes! All I can conclude is that MAJORITY of you moms and moms-to-be out there are pretty interested and moved to be doing this whole delivery thing au naturel! well good for you!!!

So lets get back to my story shall we?

After delivering on the floor, I was helped back onto the bed by hubby and the doctor to remove the placenta. Because I loss quite an amount of blood, I kinda blacked out awhile. Once on the bed, the doctor gave me another time frame again. She gave me up to one hour. Coz remember, I refused the syntometrine to deliver the placenta. So doing it naturally will take awhile. Upon nearing that hour, she assessed and told me that my placenta was just right down there. but it was a bit tight for her to pull it out.  I even got my hubby to get Yusuf to breastfeed from me. It helped! coz after another threat given to go to the OT to remove it, suddenly the placenta gave way and it was out! and gosh! it felt like giving birth to number 2! The doctor even made a joke saying that my body somehow responds to threats by acting quickly to do something about it! hahaha! In my case, this is a good thing! Alhamdulillah!

Then after checking that the placenta was intact, it was time to examine the amount of damage that happened down there. *yikes!* I did mention previously that I was impatient after feeling the baby's head crowning and pushed right? well, I had 2nd degree tears as the result of that. Thankfully it didn't reach my anus!!! oh thank god! so I agreed to some stitches. While this was taking place, my baby was in the warmer and was actually cooing to daddy! It was such a pleasant thing to hear! He wasn't crying or sleeping! A pretty active and excited-to-be-out in the world baby! 

So all in all I was discharged from the labour room with my baby about 6.30pm. And to see my family waiting outside for me the whole time I was battling in there, brought tears of joy to my eyes. I know now what it feels like to sacrifice as a mother. recalling the moments where i could have easily given up to the easier options for my own comfort, i held on and didn't falter. Alhamdulillah. And this is just the beginning of those many-more-to-come sacrifices! :)

I was warded for the night, and was discharged the next day to my home, missing hubby at the same time! Basically because he wasn't allowed to stay over. Thankfully my mommy was there to accompany me for I  really needed her help. Love you ma! Yusuf was such a darl too! He was calm all through the nite. And we had a mommy-and-baby moment which had me in quiet tears, amazed that I am now a mother to this child! Praise to the Lord for the opportunity and blessings given! :')

As a form of gratitude,  I decided to make this post as a tribute to the people who have helped me achieved this beautiful birthing experience. Of course God is first, for without Him none of this is ever possible. Thank You Allah!

Many thanks to:

1. My family! This goes without saying, but I'm really grateful to have all of you and your never ending prayers for me and my baby's safety and wellbeing. Especially to Mama, Papa and Mummy, for being a part of this historical moment. You are all much loved indeed! 

Me with mommy, exactly one month before Yusuf arrived!

2. Madam Soo Wai Han from Hypnobirthing Malaysia, for she helped me learned the importance to remain calm and view birth as something natural and beautiful! For letting me have the power and God-given rights as a mother back in my own hands! 

Me and Wai Han at her home where she held her hypnobirthing classes!

3. The Ampang Hospital Obstetric team oncall that was with me that day: Dr Rathy, the housemans, sister and nurses involved! (sorry i forgot your names, but you're all definitely not forgotten InsyaAllah!). Rathy, you're the best babe! You're definitely on your way to becoming a successful obstetrician! :D

4. My obstetric consultant who allowed me and hubby to become the not-so-difficult "difficult patients", Dr Murali! hehehe. Thank you for being so understanding of our needs and the support! It meant a lot to me and hubby! Not forgetting the O&G clinic nurses for their kind hospitality as well!

5. Fit For 2 centre, especially Debbie Lee! If it wasn't for your 'happening' and fun classes, I wouldn't have had the interest (or rajin-ness!) to attend! And if I didn't attend, I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to withstand the 12 hours of painkiller-free labour! I'm definitely grateful for signing up to this for that much needed stamina!

Me with Debbie , the FF2 fitness instructor!

6. Last but not least, my very own pillar of strength. The one who has been soooo supportive to all of the activities we went through during my pregnancy and my hero during birth. My beloved hubby, Mr Mubarak Mokhtar. If it wasn't for your encouragement (and excitement!) for me to sign up for the things we did in preparation to having Yusuf, I would have been, as you would say, normal like everyone else. Yes, it was him who did most of the homework and research! I'm truly blessed and grateful to God to have you as my partner. and as Yusuf's daddy. You definitely complete me. *love!*

My beloved babyboys! :D

Of course, not forgetting our friends for all your love and prayers as well. Thank you for taking part in our lives to welcome our little caliph to the world.

So, if you were to ask me, was it all worth it? YES! Will I do it again? MOST DEFINITELY! Knowledge is indeed powerful people! And to do things in life with the right knowledge and attitude is extremely worth while.

With this, I officially end my birth story. 

Lots of love.


  1. Fantastic post, you should buy diapers for babies with special discount offer

  2. :) Thanks for sharing your incredible birthing experience!! I was told of your success during class at F42 and wouldn't have guessed it was you....but we noticed you were missing. Rest well and well done, mummy! I'm expecting mine in 2 weeks... :)

    1. no prob ivory!!! would love to meet up with all of you and share it in person! all the best to you!! may it be a wonderful experience for both you and lil bub! :D