Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We are 5!

Salam everybodyyyy!!!

*krik krik krik* *crickets chirping in background*

okay okay. i've been AWOL for quite sometime. i honestly dunno what reasons to give. but that's just it. it's all excuses! haha. and of course been verrrrry busy. *ehem*

I just celebrated my 5th anniversary recently. who knew eh? open close open close eyes dah 5 tahun! and it's as tho it is literally that long! only a blink of an eye!

Anyways, like most couples, we are truly blessed we have gotten this far and at where we are today. I'm truly grateful for the blessings He has bestowed in our little family! Marriage is indeed an investment worth paying attention to for the rewards of a successful akhira. and as He had intended, being parents constitute a big part of our marriage. i'm extremely grateful of how He has guided us in it. For i definitely see His miracles in this everyday!

So i thank You countlessly Ya Allah, for our partnership here in this world. You indeed know what is best for me. and may it be Your mercy and love that we end up together in Your Jannah, amongst the chosen ones who would do just about ANYTHING for You and You alone. InsyaAllah.

La hawla wala quwwata illah billah.

There is no power or might except with Allah.

True indeed.

Ada big mirror, apa lagi kegunaannya kaaan?

and look who decides to join us. He mmg pantang nampak mommy
and daddy manja2 dua orang!

Now he's just being cheeky.

Our girlie selfie Maryam honey!

and we won't stop.... supporting our Palestinian brothers and sisters!

Now it wouldn't be an anniversary post without a pantun right?

Sayang, sayang aduhai sayang,
Sayang yang legal sudah 5 tahun,
Perutmu sudahku boroikan abang,
Supaya yang lain tak nak pandang pun!
So you're stuck with me, and me alone!

Gendang gendut tali kecapi,
Cik abangku gendut, saya tetap happy!

Eh! asyik pantun pasal perut jerrr! hahaha. ok. saving the best one for last! Impromptu poem ready? set? gooo!

5 years of marriage, 
5 years have passed,
5 years we paid homage
To the One who made it last.

It's been 5 years of knowledge,
Of us and of Him,
It's also 5 years of privilege,
To get us closer to Him.

In 5 years we became 4,
And as fours, we love only one.
It's from that One, that we are 4,
Coz without Him, we are none.

Thank You Allah for our 5,
May we continuously live in sunnah,
to love each other we strive,
and be the best of our Rasul's ummah.
For it is our very own pursuit of Jannah.

I love you, ya habibi.

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