Sunday, April 6, 2014

Preggy wishlist!

Salam! It's that time again iA! 

I realized i should just get this post done with takut i lupa! hehehehe.

And to be fair also lar kan. Time pregnant Yusuf buat. ;P

So here's my wishlist if some of uolls are not sure with what to get for baby no.2. Do keep in mind, dia tak mintak (of course!) but ni what her mommy would really appreciate and thinks she needs.

1. Organic soaps!
Ni mcm sama lar time yusuf hari tu. Really love the Buds collection. Plus it's awesome for the skin since parents dia ada mild eczema, so anak2 high risk of sensitive skin as well. But this time i'll omit the lotions coz jarang sgt pakai! Hehe. Any other organic brands of shower gels and shampoos are welcome too!

Bud's everyday head to toe cleanser

Precious Newborn Head to toe cleanser

Mozzie clear lotion - sebab Malaysia ada nyamuk!

Ni bukan untuk baby lar. ni nak tolong mommy dia hilangkan her stripes! hehe

2. Plushy towels
Love love looooove some of 'em good soft plushy towels!

3. Baby bath robe (Booked!)
This one coz insyaAllah memang plan to continue expose my kids to swimming pool fun as early as i can. With Yusuf the last time i think i started at 4 months old. and somehow i crap at searching for bath robes. So it'd be cool if anyone can provide adik with this! hehe.

4. Baby sling wrap! (Booked!)
Ok even tho im an avid babywearer and already have 2 types, but both i have are inconvenient for newborn babies. So wud love if anybody can get me this particular one: MobyWrap Original Baby Carrier. Price is cheapest at an online store called! Lagi bertambah hogging lar mommy dia thanks to the giver yg give this! Hehe.

Isn't this red cuteeee?!

5. Baby monitor (Booked!)
Haa this one would be very handy especially since last time i had to rely on my superpower hearing capabilities for Yusuf's lil cries for mommy when he naps and i happen to be in the kitchen or elsewhere. Rumah i tak lar besar mana, but babies' cries are soooo... Err quiet sometimes!

just an exemplary pic

6. Cloth diapers
Ok even tho now i dont wear it on yusuf, (ever since i got pregnant actually coz malas basuh laundry kerap), i would love to do it for adik at some point. It really did some loving to my purse! Hehe. My preferred brands are autumnz, rumparooz and GAD pocket-sized diapers: small and medium. But would love to try Bumgenius ones coz i read awesome reviews about them! I've attached the links to the brands as to where you can find them.

Contoh how cloth diapers looks like!

7. Fisher price play mat
Ok this is a tad mengada lar coz it's pricey. Contemplated to put it down here coz like malu ok! sebab mahal! but i thought like what the heck, if ada rezeki baby ada lar. Plus am not expecting to get all of the stuff in the list fulfilled ok? hehe. But honestly, i immediately fell in love with this thing when i sat on it at a tutti frutti shop ok! Coz they have a kiddies corner there. So comfy! High quality stuff do come in expensive price tags! Sigh. 

Pretty cute eh?

8. Clothes, mittens and booties
These are of course welcome to any parents kann? oh and 0-3 months and above please! :)

9. Mothercare bather! (Booked!)
Ok if u notice this is last minute addition to the list. But this wud really help me a lot!!! especially if nak kena handle mandikan 2 bubs at one go! Hehe.

So that's pretty much it! See i tak lar demanding mana! Haha! But they are indeed the stuff that would really be helpful to have if any of you are getting anything for baby. But again, if takder material gifts pun, IT'S A-OK. Nama pun wishlist kan? hehe. But sangatlar wajib if u could give her this tho:

Doa yang baik untuk baby! 

As parents, we would be more than happy to get good prayers for her from you! For muslim friends, there's some specific come-to-visit-baby doas made by our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh. I have one of them in the book Hisnul Muslim. You can come and visit baby later and i'll prepare it for you ok! The doa even comes with a reply of good tidings (read by me or hubs) to semoga dapat rezeki yang sama (anak) or better, to the ones who read it to her! how awesome eh? So no worries yea!

If you wanna get the mommy something instead (ehem!), can call me lar personally. Coz i dont think i'll be typing out nursing bras here. Opps! ;P

Take care peeps! And if i happen to be in your thoughts, do pray for our gentle birth soon iA!

P/s: notice there are no toys stated here. I didn't forget to put it. So i think u can guess why lar kan. Hehe.


  1. I love Bud's range too!!! Bau barang barang dia mmg sgt sedap! I am still using Mozzie Lotion sampai skarang for both my girls!

    OK, I chop wishlist #3 hahahahah! InsyAllah when I see you next!

    1. Wakakaka! ok now i dah segan! hehehe.
      oh Mozzie tu best eh? adoi i baru tahu ok. sedeyyy. coz Yusuf got nasty bites when he was wee. kesian sgt!