Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nesting project: Cot-turned-desk!

Salam everyone!

Remember i pointed out that my nesting mode was in overdrive with home decor stuff? well, guess what! I managed to siapkan one of them and I am really really thrilled!!!


Yusuf and adik's cot-turned-desk!!!

Best kaaaaaannnn??!! It was adapted from this creative idea shared by my one of my GFs through a whatsapp conversation. Nampak jer terus my brain went TING TING TINNGGG!!!!

The idea! Thanks aunty nasireen!!!

Since i have been trying to sell this cot (like forever!) and did not find any buyer, i thought this idea was just awesome!!! So here's roughly what i did to modify it and the cost:

1. A plywood: preferably thick and not those thin, unpolished planks where you can get selumbar coming out of them.

Black is indeed a great colour if you don't want your kids' artistic scribbles be seen permanently on the desk. Initially to buy this was expensive coz they don't sell in that particular size. so you have to buy a big one and have it remodeled to the size you want and it is quite costly. Luckily, rezeki we all murah that the handyman we asked to help us found a piece and modified it himself to fit the cot at a much cheaper price! So to have a good handyman is essential too ok peeps! :)
So this piece of wood cost us: RM30! Alhamdulillah!

2. Ikea accessories. Now u know why Ikea is my fave mall at the moment! 
The stuff bought for this project are:

- MAMUT series chair: RM39.90
- Wall pockets: RM19.90

3. Magnetic whiteboard from AEON: RM29.90

Total expenditure for cot-turned-desk project: RM120!

Not bad eh?!! Honestly if the plywood was as expensive as the uncle said we had to buy, the cost would have probably tripled. Plus the accessories tu mmg up to you on what you need for your kids' stationary set. Now i'm thinking of adding a notice board to cover the 'lopong' side of the cot! hehehe. Gotta love this upcycling/recycling thingy! Alasan kannn! Mommy dia yang excited lebih! InsyaAllah nanti adik keluar and dah besar sikit tambah lagi satu Mamut chair tu. They got one in pink ok! Saja jer kan! ;P

Till then! 

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