Friday, April 18, 2014

False alarms!

Salam everybody!

Last week thursday morning, i was surprised with strong Braxton Hicks! i actually thought, "oh wow! is the baby coming already?" I guess you can tell i was pretty nervous this time! Coz if ikut EDD (not that i ikut lar kan), it will be about 20 days earlier. Plus, my gynae was away on a holiday that week! Had to somehow pujuk baby if she really think it's time and best to come out without our gynae around. But then i realized, we needed God more than our gynae lar kan. She had told me she will have a replacement colleague to cover for her should i be in labour then. Whatever it is, it is His help and blessings that we want on the big day. If He says it's better without my gynae around but with a replacement, mesti lar ok jugak kan? End up mesti yakin with His decision after the countless doas and berserah to Him for the best outcome. So i started to calm down and re-explained to baby that it is ok either way. And that we (mommy, daddy and abang Yusuf) will be ready for her regardless. It made me feel a lot better and i actually got excited!

But somehow, the false surges subsided by evening. phew! hehe. so it wasn't that day after all! bukan apa. Masa tu lar start thinking about my baby bag and that it was not completely ready. But now it is, thanks to baby! hehe you got daddy to do most of the packing plak tu! Clever girllll help mommy! heheheeh!

Anyways, went for my check up last Wednesday and was told baby is doing great in there! And i also informed my gynae regarding the thursday incident and she told me she actually cancelled her trip to Istanbul! simply because she had quite a number of mommies delivering that week and it didn't feel right for her to leave them to another doctor. Talk about dedication! Awesome ok! and still a blessing for us coz maybe she would have been too busy to attend to us ker kan? hehehe. Alhamdulillah. Whatever happened, it has happened for the best. This has got to be the millionth time to remind me that I am in no control whatsoever of my situations and that Allah ALWAYS KNOWS BEST! haih nak kena smack on the face banyak2 kali whenever i start stressing out or worry excessively about the future! degil betul!

So doc said her head is already engaged so it's gonna be anytime soon. But she still gave me 2 weeks appointment should  baby decides to be cozy in there for a little while more. Mommy ok jer k! heheehe.

Till then peeps! Don't forget me in your doas if i happen to be in your thoughts! i pun nak kena maximize my "preggy-mom-doas" sementara belom beranak lagi ni! Kan doa ibu mengandung mustajab? hehe. insyaAllah i will include most of you that i know! It's been advised to not be kedekut to make doa for other people, coz it will have a ping-pong/boomerang effect back at you! And yang paling best is that His mercy for you yang rajin doakan orang lain, will increase! siapa tak nak kannn?! I nak!!! ;) 

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