Sunday, March 2, 2014

Preggy fancies!

Salam uolls!

Just thought i'd update a bit of my lil antics during my pregnancy this time.

Remember i mentioned that i was into home decor and stuff that involves cleaning or arranging the home? well, apparently i think it just catapulted now that im entering 3rd trimester! suddenly am so obsessed into browsing online home decor ideas and shops from instagrams! nak pengsan ok!

Nak cakap nesting, macam awal sangat. plus not sure if filling up my kitchen with vintage jars and canisters is considered part of nesting?! hehehe.

But am seriously loving anything that looks cute, neat and makes stuff in my mini cluttered home ni teratur! Lately i managed to get my hands on those acrylic drawers that i've been wanting to get since last year but gave myself a thousand and one reasons not to because i bukannya banyak make up and stuff. tapi after, yes, a spring cleaning of my own, i realize these stuff o mine needs a nice comfy home!

went to MUJI but was told it was out of stock and had to wait a few weeks. even browsed online for online sellers but somehow tu pun boleh out of stock. but when i did get a call from MUJI they have arrived, apa lagi! sanggup drag hubs to just buy! hehehe. and then mula lar nampak benda-benda lain yang best kat situ and wishing i could buy all! adoi nafsu. nasib hubs ada.

Now i tgh obsess with canisters. and even tho the ones i have to store my teas, coffees and other stuff are from tupperware, somehow nampak tak berapa comels and tak seragam. boleh taaaakk??!!! i even feel like giving my tupperware away, just so i can have alasan to replace them with these new canisters i'm eyeing. sad! hehe. 

So i think i'm gonna put up pics lar to show what my faves are at the moment. mana tahu, kot-kot ada orang nak bagi belated birthday present ka, or early mommy of 2nd baby present ka?! LOL. i'm kidding honestly. but who knows, you pun might like to invest in some! if tahu more options do share with me ok?

My humble organizer! as you can see i tak banyak make up. hehe.

Gaaaahh! how cute are these? boleh letak salt, kunyit and whatever!
pic from pink_vintage_home IG.

And this one can put tepung or sugar! Sweeet!
pic from pink_vintage_home.

This makes me wanna organize my own tea party! tapi bake pun tak pandai!

The canisters i was telling you about! tp ada yang ada designs cute2! 

Like these ones would be coool!

Aside from kitchen stuff, bedsheet ni pun i wud love to naaakk! hehe.

Adoi. cannot lar like this. ni post melayan nafsu namanyer! tapi setakat admiring lar. if baby comes out maybe he/she will be an awesome interior designer kot??!! which mommy wouldn't mind one bit!

As for the affinity for wangi-wangi stuff, yeap! it has come! now with the draught happening in KL and the fact that i can actually smell it, asyik nak pasang jer lampe berger oil i tu. My fave scent is the one with a pomegranate picture on it. sedapppp!

Ok that's all for now. better stop before i start to put posts on handbags, shoes or pandoras! thankfully for now takder plak nak ke situ. phewww!

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