Saturday, February 22, 2014

All babies want their moms!

Ok. I'm suppose to sleep coz i had a long day today. But i HAD to stumble upon this video lar and watch it. A few times plak tu!!!

And i can't stop crying!!! Not because i'm just sad, but it's damn touching ok!

Please take note that this is standard procedure in most hospitals around the world! i've even assisted a c-sect before but never did i witness anything like this, or maybe i was just toooooo damn ignorant to see it!

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! if i lar jadi mak tu, memang dah lama screw the freakin procedure! Just let the baby be!!! Mak kucing pun tahu marah and tak suka anak dia kena amik jauh-jauh from her tahu taaaaaakkk??!!! grrrrrr!

Ok, maybe it's the hormones. but still! now i'm hugging my baby in tummy kuat-kuat! i love you sayangggg!

Excuse me for being frank, but if you watched this and don't feel anything AND you're a mom, you just don't have a heart lar ok!

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