Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Jumaah Jumaah!!

Salam everybodyyy! 

It's another friday peeps! it has been an official favourite day for me ever since i was in school, simply because i can't wait to finish class, then in uni, because i can't wait to run back home from campus/hostel, then at work, well... duh! semua orang tunggu hari jumaat and can't wait to rush back home to kickstart their weekends with their loved ones! yes, redah traffic jam pun sanggup uolls! asalkan esok cutiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!

As a SAHM now, regardless Fridays has lost its touch to be a "tak sabar nak habis" day for me, it is still however my favourite day. but the meaning has changed. all for the better.

Well for one, it is the most blessed day of the week for Muslims everywhere. At first i thought, ok cliche nyer, but after doing some of the beneficial "rituals" the prophet has left us with, the day has never before seemed so.... fulfilling. Seriously, today lar i will kerap berdoa and somehow felt this magical/divine (whatever u call it) feel that my prayers will be answered in due time! or if not exactly what i want, i am somehow content that it will be replaced with something better!

How i know? coz i dah buat lar! istiqamah (consistency) and confidence is KEY people. Especially in berdoa. Have to be yakin that He will grant you whatever you wish for (coz HE promised in the Quran many x1000000 times and He NEVER breaks His promises). If you somehow don't get it (let's say very specific you nak mintak migrate ASAP out of Malaysia, ahaks!, then He will make you more content and happy with something better that you tak pernah terfikir this would be wayyyy awesomer than the first wish! like a new addition to your family member for instance! *wink!wink!*).

So Friday, is a good day to START being grateful. coz once it's a habit, it's easy to  religiously do every single day iA. How to be grateful? just take some time in your life to ponder on the things He has given you. I know this can be kinda hard to do, especially bila tgh waktu happy and senang compared to waktu you tengah susah. i mean face it, masa happy dapat kereta baru contohnyer, setakat yeaaay kejap tu jer pastu dah. But when let's say that car got into an accident and one of your family members end up in hospital, baru nak rasa syukur sebab at least dia selamat dengan segala safety features mahal yang kereta tu provide. dari dia mati terus kan?

So if you ask me, the best method to be grateful is memang waktu tengah susah. That's why He allows the susah things to happen in our lives. To just get us to come begging for His help and love and mercy. Coz He the ALMIGHTY and ALL-POWERFUL bebeh! Bila tengah senang jer ada ker nak mengampu consistently to Him or even REMEMBER Him ardently as to when you tengah down? for beginners, kinda impossible!

But once you selalu buat, then it becomes a part of you. A character. Bila senang pun, you would not for a minute be forgetful of your maker who grants you the rainbow after the storm. All the gold and treasures in the world pun will make you humble and always thankful to Him. Heck, you'd thank to Him to just be awake and alive the next day from last night's sleep! Coz you have now grasp and understood the concept that all this was because of His doing and grace to give it to you. hardly 1% is your own effort. So apa yang nak dibanggakan kan? plus in the end, He promised to take it all back, all your mercedez, LV bags, your 5 kids, your romantic husband, your penthouse and your 50mill... and by that time we all beratur ramai2 tunggu turn dapat buku amalan tangan kanan or kiri? jatuh bawah in hell or crossover to the heavens in front. Haaaaaaaaa! takut? takuuuuuttttt...

So selalu-selalular ingat to be grateful. I doubt any of us sentiasa jer happy without any misfortune. it's just the frequency of the kesusahan and duration jer berbeza for each individual. But if you think you are never unfortunate, and DON'T remember Him as often, ketahuilah that a huge possibility He has abandoned you. It's like "enjoy lar kat sini sementara u can. sure I let u feel big, but selamat lar kau bila jumpa I nanti!" haaaaaa. heard that threat before? it's for the israel people larrrr! that's why they boleh buat havoc semua kat sini macam takkan nak mati! so i doubt you want to be in the same "cursed" clan kannn? Nauzubillah.

Ok lar peeps. Tak sangka bebelan impromptu i can also be soo long. If kat twitter ni dah kira flooding tsunami dah kot timeline tu! hehehehe.

So today jangan lupa:

1. Baca surah Al-Kahf 

boleh start after maghrib hari thursday till before maghrib on Friday; it protects you from the Dajjal and expiates your sins from this friday to the next and also give you the light (nuur iman) for that week also insyaAllah.

2. Banyakkan berzikir pagi and petang

Morning after subuh before dah terang benderang. evening after asar before maghrib. Benefits banyak giler. one of them includes selawat to our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW 10x pagi and 10x petang and if consistently done dapat his help (syafaat) in the hereafter. Imagine that out of billions of souls and he calls out OUR name to be with him! Subhanallah! coz by that time we nampak dia lalu, jangan we call out to him he buat tak kenal jerrr! coz like hellooooo. You never remember him often when on earth ada hati nak kenal and help you! haaaaaaaaa! macam how you ampu your boss at work lar kaaaan! ;P

Please get the book Hisnul Muslim. Concise collection of all sahih zikir and doas!

3. Friday is Grooming Day!

Tak kira lelaki or perempuan, all must look their best everyday, but especially today! why? coz it's sunnah!!! Extra pahala for just mandi sunat jumaat (not for org pergi solat jumaat only ok!), potong kuku, cabut bulu ketiak, berwangi-wangian pergi kerja, berhandsome-handsome pergi solat jumaat etc2! Guys, put on your best clothes for prayer! yes! ada baju melayu armani pun PAKAI!!! i'm telling you, today lar my hubs will be at his longest time in the bathroom every morning before heading to work! kalah i! siap trim beard lar, shampoo skali skala pun, this day will be the time he does it (proof is the toilet will smell wangi of my Lush products bila dia keluar. hari-hari lain agak jarang skali! hehehe!).

Jangan kedekut guna perfumes also ok! ladies, kat rumah also make it a habit to wear. not for nak kerja or keluar jalan-jalan only. mana tahu kot-kot si dia balik nak surprise lunch kat rumah ker, bau tu mau mengancam lar ok! pahala wangi untuk dia, bukan orang lalu sebelah you dalam mall or your work colleagues! Sunnah sunnahhhhh!!! Not fitnah!!! hehe.

4. Banyakkan berdoa

Seriously. biarlar sampai tertido tido pun ok!

I now leave you with the star of the show. Enjoyy!!!!

Rajin2 baca Quran also yea? Children See Children Do!

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