Friday, January 31, 2014

January dah habissss???

Salam everybody!

Ok. i don't know about you but time flies so freakin fast no??? indeed time is a "makhluk" ciptaan Allah! It can be 'fast' or 'slow' to every individual. and to think we won't be limited by TIME in the akhirat nanti!

So i guess i just have to do what i do best, and that is to summarize the events that has happened throughout this month. I must say it's been pretty colorful regardless how one choose to look at it.

Baby update

Since my last post, i guess i didn't disclose to uolls whether the current baby in tummy is a boy or a girl. That's because i didn't get it scanned by that time. and by the time we did, we (hubs and I) are thrilled! It's gonna be a baby GIRL insyaAllah!

So that explains my super domestic skills of late! hahaha. Semoga diturunkan kerajinan itu to you baby girl! Daddy is really excited! Coz now he gets the chance to be on his toes more in raising you. and it is what he wants! but don't worry. Mommy will be just as close as well. Pampering and dressing you up won't be much of his forte. hehe! We are in love with you already babygirl!!!!


As some of you are aware, there is this news about a Malaysian family in Sweden where the parents are locked up in jail because the mother was found guilty of hitting one of their children and the authorities knew about it. But why the dad was jailed as well was kinda a mystery (jeng jeng jeng!). To cut the long story short, hubs's boss, as head of Biro Aduan Rakyat for Pemuda UMNO had to follow up on the case and hope to help them as best as he can. So after doing some research locally, he decided to visit the kids who are held in a swedish foster care in Stockholm.

And wherever he goes, that's where 90% chance (or maybe more) of where my hubs would go too. it was quite a last minute decision coz i was only informed the probability of him going to Sweden that very morning of their so called departure date. and he actually said he didn't wanna go in view of leaving me here alone with yusuf and baby. But i was like "WHHAAAAATTTTTTT??!!!" u gotta be kidding right? it's sweden! plus he's been busy with the case here and would leave the opportunity of settling it there finally??!! and when in the world can he get the chance to go to SWEDEN in the near future??? i mean considering how things are at the moment, the chance is kinda slim kannn?

So of course in the end, he went and i was happily packing his stuff for him until it's time for him to leave. OK masa ni i dah "damn, me and big mouth!" coz dah berjurai-jurai airmata and berdrama kat rumah! And it went on pretty bad the next few days. coz he was scheduled to be there for a week. Gosh. Again, TIME. A week felt sooooo long! But Alhamdulillah, they managed to settle the things they were set out to do and is now on his way back to KL. Yeap. As i'm typing this. He's transiting in Amsterdam for about 8 hours. 

So congrats nafiq and team! And thank you #Swedenforlettingthemgo!

Masa nak depart. Perasan tak org tu siap pandang camera and doa tak angkat tangan.
Nnt ada yg label wahabi nanti! hehe!

It was -5 degrees there! and snowing!!!
Gaaaaahhh! bestnyerrrr! i could use this right nowww!

With Ketua Biro Aduan Rakyat Pemuda UMNO
Sheikh Nafiq Alfirdaous!

Masa dapat tahu kena pergi x sempat shopping winter clothes.
Thankfully dapat beli sana! Masa dpt pic ni dah rindu-rinduan ok!

Selain visit malls, which he somehow refuse to wA me any pics
of them, he went on a mini boat ride to see the town!

Beautiful Stockholm! of course i tak letak pic tgh buat kerja.
those are boring lar kan! hehe

He took a pic of this mom and her 2 kids and said they remind him
of us here! waaaaaaahhhh! cry lagi!
Nak main ice skate dgn winter clothes jugakkk!

OOTD katanya. Amboiiii! bergaya sungguh bila i jauh yeaaa!
kasi can larrr! ;P

Him with the children! Alhamdulillah!
This is proof that they did a great job there! Thank You Allah!

Atok fell sick

At about the same time i sent off hubs for his flight to Sweden, i also received a bad news that my atok is warded at Melaka Hospital for cardiogenic shock. Basically his heart went in a state of shock and is starting to slow down! My parents and siblings went over there that very night. I had to stay behind of course but managed to go with my other sister the next day. With after bawling over hubs' departure, i was then passed to the medical MO oncall via phone by my mom to be briefed about his condition. Of course, my provisional diagnosis (ceh, dah setahun lebih tak kerja pandai2 jer kan!) was that he could have overdosed on his meds, esp the anti-hypertensives since he is very forgetful nowadays. And that is a very common scenario for old people. But of course, i wasn't there and they were ruling out a heart event to be sure. But because the prognosis that night was very bad (on maximum dose  of triple inotropes with a BP reading of just 100/60mmHg) they were considering to either intubate him or just intervene passively and prepare for the worst.

I had to explain that to my mom who was crying and very tired. And she and her siblings, including myself, decided not to proceed with the intubation in view of his age. But subhanallah, by the next day's ward rounds done in CCU by a visiting specialist, they ruled out a cardiac event and that most likely my atok had overdose on his meds! ka-chingggg!!! nasib tak intubate ok!!! if not he's on life support now or worst, would not make it! Alhamdulillah! praise is all Yours Ya Allah!

It took him another 3 days in CCU till he could be fully discharged. and now he is in KL at my mom's place able to ambulate like normal again. Alhamdulillah! i stayed over a night and besides his forgetfulness, he's doing great! 

and not bad eh for someone yg duduk rumah setahun still can berdiagnose-diagnose lagi! hehehe! medicine will always be close to my heart lar. Cuma practice tak practice jerr. knowledge is important ok peeps!

Masa di CCU. He was sooo drowsy because of the sedatives.
He had to be put on those coz he was restless and agitated when he
realize he was at the hospital. they even had to restrain him!
Nanges i masa ni!
Yusuf with tokdang in KL! He definitely looks better!

I turned a year older

Oklar. Patut takder lar nak update sangat pasal ni. Masuk tahun baru, everyone will have a birthday right? well tengoklar if umur panjang kan! hehehe. so Alhamdulillah, i turned 31 on the 19th aritu. Nothing fancy pun coz dah tua dah takder lar nak celebrate2 ni. But i'm grateful for the chance to live some more. Semoga mendapat keberkatan umur dunia akhirat. Mohon doanya!

Preggy mommy yang berjaya di-surprisekan! about 2 weeks post birthdate!
Yusuf can' t wait to mess up my cinnabon b'day cake!
The present and stuff i had to wear! sheeeeshhh!
but i am to be called princess for the whole year now!
Ini semua plan si budak ini! Thank you for still pampering me!
U know me too well lar! Love u till jannah iA!

So that's about it for now. Till next summary of a new month! eh? ;P

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