Thursday, January 2, 2014

New year, New experience, Same goal


It's january again! Alhamdulillah for the fact that i get to witness it by His grace.

I just realized i haven't posted anything about my 2nd pregnancy yet. hehe. so here it is so far.

I'm not gonna reveal exactly how far along i am at the moment, coz i sudah ditarbiahkan dengan knowledge that it doesn't make any difference whatsoever if the baby wants to come out on the due date or later. Yang penting Allah says it's time for him/her to come out safely, then that's all the reassurance i need. Plus, i'm ok if baby wants to stay in me longer than coming out too early. So far tak dengar lagi case bahaya keluar lambat dari terlampau cepat. coz terlampau cepat usually is associated with something wrong with the mother healthwise to carry on with the pregnancy. So am praying for the best iA.

My first trimester sickness has subsided alhamdulillah. now am just handling the occasional bloating from some foods, but otherwise very much tolerable.

Being in the 2nd trimester also means i have now the energy to move around and do things which i actually find exhilarating at times! like i actually enjoy doing house chores! mop lar, bersihkan tandas lar, masak nearly 4 meals a day nearly everyday! but of course, it will be followed by an afternoon nap with bubba to recover from the fatigue. but i'm telling you, my knack in cooking have amped up i think! i now masak without needing to taste whether cukup garam or not and somehow the dish turns out sedappp! sorry bukan nak brag but i am genuinely amazed at this myself! hahaha. boleh tanya hubs lar. either sebab selalu sangat masak or part of the superpower of being pregnant! hahaha!

so if bubba no.2 ni a girl, untung lar hopefully dapat pass down kerajinan domestic mommy ni. if boy pun i ok! i would like it that boys pun know how to do house chores and cook! tengah tunggu Yusuf besar sikit lagi jer boleh ajak masuk dapur. sapu sampah, mop rumah dia dah nak tolong! hehe.

Jamie oliver in the making?
I still plan to stick to the regime i have done when i was pregnant with yusuf. One of them would be to attend my pregnancy exercise classes at Fit For 2 Bangsar. They have new instructors now, and am enjoying the experience each time. i've made new mommy friends and caught up with some of the old ones too!

As for food cravings, no serious ones. Just preferences like the last time. It's just that now seeing people updating their meals on instagram is not really helping much and is definitely testing my nafs! kesian lar kat saya! heheh.

So here are some of them:

Aahh! some things never change! and i hope they don't have to! This is like a staple meal for me.
Tak preggy pun suka, apatah lagi time preggy kan? The inventor of NASI LEMAK should get
a nobel prize really!
The addictive TEH AIS! Even tho i couldn't drink it masa 1st trimester, but now pun ada jer mild bloatedness.
It's just too damn good! lebih-lebih lagi when i yang buat!
Btw, amongst family members and close friends, i'm known as the tea lady. teh tarik more like, coz i make
the meanest teh tarik ok! bukan i cakap, they yg cakap. Testimony dah banyak, ya dig! ;P

OK. sebenarnya, i want something sweet and flavourful. the last time it was ice lollies.
Now pun ada sikit2, but i try to change to a slightly healthier dose of glucose. so apparently fruits
does it for me. Suddenly an apple or orange has never tasted soo sedap masyaAllah! Maybe it's His way to
stop me from harming myself with HFCS. yikes.

As for the affinity for soap smelling stuff and benda-benda wangi, that one still there. but i don't feel for it as strong as i did during first pregnancy. maybe not yet kot. although i notice i suka benda-benda yang related to home deco. Like new bedsheets lar, new kitchen appliances lar, etc etc. hmmm... *hint hint hubby!* ;P

But one thing in common yang i hesitate nak tell the world about it before is, I MALAS nak bersiap-siap or berlawa-lawa bila keluar. not that i sooo lawa lar, but before this, i really enjoyed jugak getting dress to go out. now? gosh rasa nak tukar wardrobe to all cotton baju yg tak payah iron and jubahs jer. my 3 penyangkut tudung pun (yeaa i have 3 of those hole thingys) i tak usik sangat coz nak kena lilit-lilit bagai and i malas. i started as a shawl person and sorta favour that style. now (and like before) would be the time you would see me more in an instant hijab. but because yg lama i dah give away, i have to force myself to buy new ones. ugh.

So ada orang kata, boy lar if macam ni. well if it's a girl, i'm gonna make sure she won't be so selekeh lar of course. yang penting cantik di mata Allah and neat. for both genders actually. The fact that islam galakkan to look neat and modest at the same time, i am happy. i mean i hope i tak lar selekeh mana cuma tak stylo mylo lar. hehe.

So there you have it. I'd be lying if i say my pregnancies semuanya at all times a breeze. it has its moments. but i somehow have developed this outlook towards it. that i am grateful to be feeling ALL of it's penat and awesome moments. Coz the pahala and nikmat i get from it is a privilege and a sign of His mercy to me. Not everyone gets the chance to rasa this so i sangat bersyukur and will think twice before complaining and whining. after all, i pun yang nak ada anak. siapa lar tak nak. nak reward padanlar kena susah2 dulu sebelum tu betul tak? betuuuuullll! hehe.

So here's to wishing a blessed year for everyone insyaAllah. if you have time and i happen to be in your thoughts, do make doa for me and the little bub inside me. May He grant us a safe, gentle birth insyaAllah.

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  1. I live on Nasi Lemak too when I preggy with Leeshakins!
    Best in the World, really! :D