Saturday, December 28, 2013

Too awesome not to read yo!

Salam everyone.

We are nearing the end of 2013 and entering the new year 2014 insyAllah.

And gosh, what have i done?

This post is not a disclaimer, but rather a public apology to some people out there, that have been influenced by me negatively.

Yes, i say this because, i openly admit that in the social network, mostly twitter and facebook, i have portrayed myself as an emo-freak without any license to stop my thought process. So much so i thought i was giving opinionated, clever statements. But some of it i realized, was just pure jibbery-vomit. 

Yea, i know. it took me that long to break out of my denial phase. i can't even promise you i'm fully recovered yet tho! haha. 

But what i do realize is, regardless of that flaw, i am actually THAT influential. Yes. i'm an influential person. be it to the people who admire me, couldn't be bothered about me and heck, even hates me! I have somehow, much to my horror, influenced them to be just. like. ME. An emotional wreck on social network!

Why do i even say this? i should know coz it used to be just me (or a small group of us) that would rant our hearts out on any particular issue that gave us the itch. Mine would be infamously known primarily (among other things) on my parenting skills. i send out unfriendly warnings, indirect and direct bashings if anyone dared to cause me headaches on how i should be a mother.

Now? orang yang tak pernah or jarang-jarang update status or tweet benda marah-marah or get all emo, are actively doing it! Baik lelaki or perempuan! and guess what, i actually don't feel that special anymore! hahaha to put it mildly lar of course. it seems everyone is apparently angry at everything like i am and letting everyone knows about it! and obviously, i now know how that made me looked like in the internet... An angry bitch! and an ugly one at that!

Except now i'm painfully seeing it in friends who i used to admire their beauty in their everyday jovial, cool updates. here i am wishing silently to have their calmness and valor at handling their emotions in the web. nampaknyer.... they have caught the curse. My curse! yikes!

what's worst, is that sudden realization that despite how awesome it is to copy me or be influenced by what i do, to follow this particular negative trait and be answerable to Allah for it on the day of judgement for creating a cult following of emo, blood thirsty zombies is just.... FRIGHTENING!!!

Imagine lar, bila they die, and the last thing they're remembered as someone yang emo and angry and when God asked why did u change your behaviour from a sweet person to such, jawapan dia... 

"terikut-ikut Fatin ya Allah! hari-hari tengok dia tweet bash, i terasa, so i nak lawan dia and somehow i pun dah jadi macam dia. tweet-bash other people that cross my path and on most issues!"

Astaghfirullah! ME-NA-KUT-KAN OK!!!

Seriously, i don't ever want that to be the reason that i will be stalled from entering jannah as a muslim. NAUZUBILLAH! From what i can guess, there's quite a number of you dah jadi macam tu, AFTER i buat semua dulu! *faints!*

So now, i am blatantly making this apology and menyeru those who became an emo twitter or fb user like me:


No doubt, growing up as a person, i have never been the quiet or forgotten one. since kindergarten kot! everyone can be in a room, but i have strong presence. I never leave without an impression. I would like to think it as mostly good ones, but it varies according to who is interpreting that impression. Some liked me from the beginning and are still my friends. Some have slight jealousy coz of how i'm like (never of what i have coz i'm not rich) initially, but are ok after they get to know me deeper. whereas some are just plain intimidated, wish to be as awesome, but thinks the world can't handle a lot of awesome people, and thinks i should be burned at stake. coz only that way they get to be the awesome one (when i'm gone). yeaaaa. *sweat breaking*

Ok, before any of you think this post is a mere excuse to be braggy, i apologize for that too. it's just that i'm not usually the delusional type. at least not for a very long time. haha! i know when i'm wrong and am not afraid to admit and be sorry for it. but am sooo not the type to be soooo humble to refuse myself of the great qualities i have. i probably shouldn't brag about it, but i know (and most of you very well in fact) that i don't even need to brag to get anyone's attention. Admit it. You just know it kan? :P

 "with every power, comes great responsibility"

Teringat i kata-kata pakcik spiderman. at times i feel like i'm a superhero. (i shall not elaborate. ;P). so my superpower of influencing people and presence can either be a reverence or a curse. and sadly in this social network usage, it has become a curse.

So guess what? i now would like to make it to good use. I would like to influence balik those yang terikut-ikut emo macam i on fb and twitter, to berlumba-lumba pulak (like literally!) update benda-benda yang positive and of great benefits to mankind. at least, kat situ when share ilmu apa-apa yg berguna dapat pahala! so since i ajak dulu, i nak lar dapat claim the pahala that i dah pesan kat sini dulu untuk mengajak followers i tadi ke arah kebaikan and to jannah insyaAllah! yeaaaaayyy! hehe. nak top up pahala balik maa.

And now comes the disclaimer. To those yg rasa:
"eleh, macam lar dia bagus sangat nak influence orang konon. i dah lama kot emo macam ni. takder masa lar nak ikut-ikut dia!"

To you i say.... ALHAMDULILLAH!! sebab maknanya, keburukan you to actually ber-emo tu BUKAN sebab i! phewww! so nanti depan Allah jangan blame cheq naaa! sebab hang dah ngaku memang perangai hang buruk macam tu! syukurrrr!!!

But again, to steal the opportunity of getting pahala lagi cepat dari you, I nak pulak ajak those yg asal dah emo macam i, but BUKAN sebab i, jom kita berubah and kurangkan emo kita so we become better and more likeable people, not just in reality, but in the alam maya as well. 

Yessssssssss!!!!!!!! i ajak dulu! *score points!*

Alright peepos. To end the post, i have adopted this stand. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. regardless how different it may be from mine, and even how it is presented, yang penting silaturrahim tak putus because of that beza pendapat. As far as i'm concern, i have yet (insyaAllah never) to be the one to back out and putus silaturrahim (first) because of different ideologies or opinions we have. In fact, you will notice, (yang buat kat i lar), on other topics i still comment macam biasa to show you how professional i can be and how close i am to being awesome at differentiating mature and immature conducts. Yang penting my conscience is clear to jawab Allah kat akhirat nanti. Yahoooooo!

eh. i mean Alhamdulillah and semoga istiqamah insyAllah.

Happy new year peepos!

P/S: uolls sangatlar dialu-alukan meng-copy segala benda baik and positive you nampak pada diri i. Be smart! yg emo ni if senang nak copy, yang baik lagi lar kan? plus, yang baik in me ni semuanya datang dari Allah. tak nak keeerrrr?? hehe. *hugs!*

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