Monday, November 25, 2013

Surabaya and sleeping...

Salam everyone!

Last week, my little family and i went on a mini holiday to Surabaya for my only brother's convocation. Alhamdulillah, he is now a fully fledge dentist! The one to continue my mom's legacy in the family.

The event was held on wednesday last week. But we were there from monday and just got home last saturday. I guess i was quite prepared for a lot of shopping-outings coz the place has tonnes of malls. As tho KL punyer tak cukup banyak kan. But honestly, we were just tagging along with my family's plans.

But indeed Allah has better plans for me. And that is to let me rest. About half the time i'm there, i was down with one-after-another ailments. It started with a terrible toothache of which im now convinced i need a root filling stat. Then it quickly interchange to frequent vomiting and poor appetite (as if i'm taken back to 1st trimester!). Probably the toothache made way for that if not i can literally pengsan there with both ordeal!

But when the toothache's gone, i got cough and symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection pulak. With moderate fever. Wow. Srott sreett with uhuk uhuk and bluweeeekkk. Just imagine lar all that going on at once. My body was knackered. I was worried of wee baby all the time. And not to mention my 2 big ones coz they shared the hotel room with me!

So because of all that, i decided that a room quarantine was necessary for me. Especially in my condition. And the factt that i'm in another country. So there were times where hubs would take yusuf out for lunch so i could rest in awhile and also to prevent them being exposed to my germs more. I even yanked up the air condition in my room so that the germs will be sucked out faster! Sejuk giler but tahan jer lar.

However, that manage to tahan until the day we head back. Both my big babies were down with fever and cough on that very day. Innalillah. But again i'm thankful coz we will be heading back to our country where it'll be a lot more familiar in terms of healthcare accessibilities. Alhamdulillah tho, Yusuf have recovered from his fever today with just some minor coughs. Sadly daddy and mommy is still down with sinusitis and cough. Gosh terasa tua coz lambat baik! Hehehe. Maybe coz ada banyak dosa nak expiate. Yusuf kan takder. So might as well right? Win win situation i say.

Altho probably it wasn't as how i thought the trip would be but i'm ok with it coz that trip would make it my 3rd time going there so it's no biggie. Plus being preggy for me means my shopping antenna has been automatically switched off. So honestly i didn't feel rugi at all tak shopping apa. Selamat duit bila preggy ni rupanya! Hehe. Alhamdulillah.

Altho i made sure my family carried on with their plans by reassuring them that i needed the rest more than anything else. If not, i'll definitely be the one to fuss and cut short on every shopping trip. Lagi spoil kan? I did ask hubs if it made his visit less interesting since he too didn't get to go to alot of other malls. But he's ok with it. What he enjoyed was 3 massages, nearly daily ayam penyet meals, and a boys night out with my brother and our escort cum friend doing karaoke. Not to mention his "me time"s at the hotel lounge! Ehem!

I plak managed to sneak some movies from HBO that made me so jakun to be able to watch them sampai habis ok! It's been soooooo long since i last watch a movie sampai habis and uninterrupted! Itu dah cukup bagus for me!

So anyways, that's all the update so far. Now am enjoying the week recuperating at home. InsyaAllah hoping for a smooth recovery for all of us. For indeed He has the power to take it away as He has the power and wisdom to give them. And alhamdulillah for the strong lil bub inside me! 

So i leave u with very little photos i took and some from my family's album i grabbed from their fb. Hehehe.

Btw, pizza hut mereka lagi sedap dari kita punyer in terms of quality in taste. Serious.

Till then!

Ayam penyet yang sedap! except ni bukan ayam, daging i think.

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Muka sebelom sakit teruk.

Congratulations, little-BIG bro!

Ni colleagues dia. semua dentists. Mak aih, memang semua suka visit dentists lar
if depa pakai macam ni jer to work! ;P

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