Sunday, August 25, 2013

Makan time!

Salam everyone!

How's raya for all of you? Hope it has been meaningful and that we raih kemenangan just as the celebration implores!

Anyways, i decided to blog a bit today because i simply cannot contain my excitement/emo/joy or whatever on what has happened to our little bubba lately! For starters, the major thing would be he has officially started eating! Yeap! After nearly 18months of just breastmilk, he finally, really asked for food just after the 1st week of raya! And trust me when i say he really asked! Sekali dengan tantrum, nanges2 semua!

Before this, if we're about to have a meal, I just give him my milk when he curiously asked for our food. And he would gladly suckle and soon forget about the initial intention. About just a month back we start giving him some dates and some grapes. For just to rasa-rasa. Nowwww! Aisehman! Menangis melalak ok! Tunjuk "na" pun dah tak jalan! In the end, we terpaksa mengalah. He already has 2 molars half erupting and 8 front fully grown teeth. So i gave him fish fingers. He loved it! Then hard boiled eggs. Yeap! That too! This went on for a few days.

Then as his first official meal, we decided he's ready to have what we're having. So one evening, i prepared our dinner and guess what he ate with us? Kari ikan siakap with steamed mixed veges!! Oh and with rice of course! Yeappa!! And he loved it alhamdulillah! I didnt put the whole nasi with kuah banjir of course. And it wasn't full blown spicy but spicy nevertheless! And alhamdulillah the next day he's still ok without any tummy aches or discomfort. So as for the rest, let's just say it gets better from there.

He's really not holding back wanting to explore his very own "journey to the taste of unknown!" So far he has had nasi goreng garlic (shared with me at wondermama), meehun goreng, fish and chips, and roti canai! (Take note, we just started him early this week!) Hehe. And so far, i don't have to chase/force him to have his meal. He's chasing me instead! and a few mornings he would wake up and drag me to the kitchen, forcing me to whip up breakfast! (Ok hubs! Can take this cue from bubba!) ehehehehe *nervous laugh* For dinner just now i fed him a hard boiled egg, with a bun and steamed broccoli and cauliflower! I'm really glad he loved the veges and ate them with his own hands! Alhamdulillah sangat2!

Of course, i'm not gonna feed him everything. not just yet anyways. A BIG NO-NO is sugary drinks or desserts or whatever with high-fructose corn syrup in it. ok. i don't care what u wanna say, i am a hypocrite because i love those stuff. but at least i'm not in denial and i KNOW i'm somewhat diseased in that sense, to have those unhealthy cravings. *Sigh* but like any mother wanting the best for her child, i wish he won't end up like me. may he'll enjoy them but not to a "crazy"  extent nauzubillah. So i guess the plan for me to have them sweet stuff will be done in private and not in front of him. At least till i myself can fight this terrible demon in me. My own jihad i guess. To pelihara nikmat yang Allah dah bagi. Sooo susah for me ok. Thus the coined term jihad. :S

InsyaAllah i really hope he won't be a fussy eater as well (as i was a tad bit worried when ppl kept telling me i'm doing a horrendous thing by delaying his food intake). But rather than slapping them on the face for such comments, i just replay doing it many times in my head. ;P Baik sangat orang2 ni kepada mak2 baru kan? Dah lar bukan anak dia or dia kena soal dengan Allah pun pasal anak i ni kaaan! *oops!* hehe intentional that was i'm afraid. Teehee!

The last i weighed him with only on breastmilk was 9kg. He remained stagnant there for quite some time. So hoping to see what happens after all this eating. Till then for now! Yusuf! You a big boy now! And mommy and daddy loves u big time ok!

yeay! now can have a "proper" date with bubba!

This meehun goreng bungkus: 90% of this was for himself ok!

P/s: oh and the other thing i'm emo about him all grown up is that he can already wake up from his nap (on a bed in my bedroom) and walks over to find me in the other room! i've always wondered how that would look like! and masyaAllah it's adorable! and quite scary too! erkk. 

Oh and any moms who are interested to know why i'm doing this approach (to feeding), you are most welcome to have a chat with me about it k. But please don't take this opportunity to condemn or try talk me out of my own methodology or what not alright? So shoooh! ppl yg mcm tu. ;D

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