Monday, December 24, 2012

Sembang-sembang Mr B and me

One fine day. In the kitchen.

Me: Cayang, i was just thinking. Amazing kan, all of us grow up with different cultures and languages that we soon become accustomed to, but we all spoke the same language when we were babies. And yet, not many chose to learn the baby language except that Dunstan lady who came up with it recently. And when it is us yang don't know that universal language, we blame our babies for crying and scold them sebab nangis, when in fact they know exactly what they want and how to say it. Us and our egos as adults! huh! Sedih kan? Nak belajar bahasa lain bukan main susah. tapi the one language that has been there all our lives, takder siapa nak explore and learn.

Mr B (while carrying Yusuf in his arms): Well, that's proof Allah jadikan manusia ni dengan fitrah yang sama. So secara fitrahnya semua babies, all around the world, are good in nature. It is the parents that shaped them when they grow up.  Ajar benda baik, mmg baik lar jadinya insyaAllah. Ajar benda tak elok, memang tak elok lar jadinya.

Moral of the story: the earliest education starts in the womb, and then at home. Your children are your mini you. It is our responsibility to shape them as God-fearing sons and daughters. Coz when they fear God, it is only natural, they will become good human beings. InsyaAllah.

Second moral of the story: perempuan punyer patah perkataan bila bercakap ternyata lebih banyak dari lelaki punyer. Harap maklum. :P

Here's a video for those of you who wishes to learn and understand our babies more. It really helps. TRUST ME.

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