Thursday, December 20, 2012

My new Quest!

Salam everyone!

Many apologies for not blogging for awhile. Technically i seemed to not have the time nor the idea to write a post! oh how i wish i can just pour out all my thoughts here. Oh wait, there's a place for that. It's twitter. hehe.

I just want to share on a recent issue that i'm in the midst of battling. and that is SHOPPING! ugh! oklar. it's not a recent issue. it's a thang that crops up seasonally. And since christmas is around the corner, it doesn't help that the malls and online stores are offering so many freaking discounts! aiyaiyai! And i must say, lately the business through online websites and fb pages have been burgeoning like wild mushrooms! Masa i bergaji takder puuuuunnnn!!! double aiyaiyai!

Anyways, i'm sure this isn't my battle alone. It seems pretty harmless this shopping thingy. Harmless if you have loads of moolahs to spend. But i came across an eye-opening video from Prof Tariq Ramadan on how to master your emotions. And how you can become a victim of your own jail if you don't know how to control them. It made me realize, that we don't achieve freedom in our lives, if we rely or depend on things to live it. I take shopping in my case. i thought freedom to me, is the ability to choose and buy whatever it is i want. But then again, how do i know what it is i want? i mean let's say all these fashion moguls tells you this is the latest trend to follow, am i strong enough to shrug it off and say "nahh! i don't need those!"?

It struck me. That i am a victim of the fashion industry. I am not strong enough to not want to buy simply because i'm not enticed by it and can actually feel OK not shopping!! oh i know this sounds pretty complicated, but i get it. And i got it while watching this video. It really wakes me up about how i now view my life in this world. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as i did. I still do.

oh and this is also for those of you who believe the Mayan's prophecy of tomorrow, all the more reason you should watch this video. 

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