Friday, December 28, 2012



I just thought of something while eating paratha with my leftover sambal udang petai (uissh sedap ok!;P). 

"hmm. sedap lar this petai. Best kan if those staying in kampung, gets to eat fresh foods, cheap summore. and they don't really have high expectations in everyday life."

Wait. i know what ur thinking. how come just by eating brunch i can think of something as far as imagining living the "kampung" life. That's reflecting my dearies. uolls should try it! hehehe. Then i come across this interesting term.

"Kampung yang bandar" or "bandar yang kampung"? Which one would you prefer?

Honestly, we city folks often look down on kampung peeps. And whenever someone is out of date, or fashion and trend, we connect them for being so kampung. Well, i can't really say that for sure, but have you had a look at kampung people nowadays? they're quite ok now you know! unless you meant people living in the hutan/rural areas lar. Which tsk, tsk, shame on you!

But then again, besides all the so-called "non-fashionable" or "lack-of-finesse" stuff one wud equate to being kampung, it is verrrryyy often you relate being humble, kind, friendly and politeness to them as well. Especially the pakciks and makciks we see more than happy to be at the market place or the gleeful children playing by the beach of their village. Plus, one might think they're lacking in some parts of education, but they are at an advantage on fresh and cheap groceries and service costs! Tailoring there is cheap you know!!! not to mention the roti canai, and nasi lemak and nasi campur!

If i were to envision where i'd like to live to raise my child(ren) in future, i'd like it to be in a kampung yang semi-bandar. Simply because i envy the fresh and cheap foods they have there. and a much cleaner air to breathe! But if i were to still live in the city, of course, it's best to have quite an amount of money so that i can buy all those organic foods and stuff at the organic stores. Why? coz fresh stuff in the city is blardy expensive!

Although, being raised in the city, the reasons i love staying in KL is because of the malls. That's all really. But then i know i don't go there everyday. So if in future i'll stay in Seberang Perai or the beaches of Terengganu, I'll make sure i go to Pavvy every weekend or something! hahaha. Even better, i always imagine of brewing my own coffee and making my own donuts and pastries in my own adjoining coffee corner veranda! Have my own Starbucks and The Loaf! haha! Lagi best, if that time, we can go to Paris or Italy on a monthly basis for their cuppa and pasta!! Fuuuiissshh! imaginasi dan angan-angan yang tinggi! 

Hehehe. Where else am i allowed to daydream if not in my own blog! It's been said that imagination has no limits and can take you anywhere you wish to go without flight tickets and passports! But a prayer with Almighty's generous blessings is the best way still! and even if we don't get it in that form, He will always replace it with something waaaayy better with His hikmah! How awesome eh? Always lucky we are indeed! Alhamdulillah!

So with that, i end my merepek session for today. Yusuf is crying for me dah. The boss has awaken from his nap! 


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