Monday, December 31, 2012

Bubbye 2012!

Salam and good day everyone!

Well, alhamdulillah we've made it another year. 2012 i'm sure have been an awesome year for alot of us. Myself included for veeeeerryyyyy obvious reasons! Hehe!

So let's recap on what has made my year fantastic like previous years, albeit in a different way of course!

January: i only worked for 3 days and then off for a planned long leave!!!! Throughout the whole month i was busy with my prenatal classes and preparing myself for the birth of our first baby!

February: need i say more! The birth of God's blessing to me and mr B! Yes! Salam Yusuf! It's only 10 months ago that he was brought to this world! And let's not forget how natural and beautiful it was yea!! Hehehe!

March: confinement month! I was falling more and more in love with our newcomer and adjusting myself to the beauty of motherhood; breastfeeding, late nights and welcoming interrupted sleep with open arms (till now!). Altho it was also in this month that unleashed the tiger mommy in me towards other people who were meddling with my business! Hehe. Shud i add 'till now' also in brackets? ;P

April: ended my 3-month maternity leave and the start of my 5-year unpaid leave!!!! Am officially a SAHM!!! Wooot wooottt!!!!

May: a not so happy month for us, because my father-in-law underwent his prostatectomy for a detected stage 1 prostate carcinoma. So we were mostly in JB then. Thankfully he recovered well.

June: Yusuf had his first fever. And i remembered panicking like a mad woman! haha! But till now, the panic attacks haven't really left. Just lesser in amount. And less drama. ;P

July: The fasting month of Ramadhan. But i didn't fast. Thank God for the exemption in Islam to breastfeeding moms who are worried of decreasing supply of breast milk if fasted. So i chose that option. ;)

August: Our first raya as a family!!! And Yusuf's first tooth is seen here!

September: nothin much happened here. Greenday insisted on sleeping thru it. So i think i sorta did just that. ;P

October: a month of new beginning for mr B. praying for His never ending blessings and for us to always be grateful no matter what iA. Oh! And my online shopping spree was at its best here! *gulp!*

November: finally settled on the purchase of our current home. It had its sour moments, but don't worry. I dah doa for the ganti yg best2. Hehehe.

December: more online shopping! haha! 

So yeap that's about it for the whole year. Very eventful and never failed to be meaningful in every way. I guess i'm making it a big deal because it's my last year being 20-something! Hahaha! But what's in a number right? In fact, i'm proud and amazed of what i've achieved throughout my years as a 20 year old ++ adult! I was fortunate to collect 3 titles in that 10-year period! Doctor + wife + mom! Alhamdulillah! and i'm grateful that i actually get to grow old! Since we all know very well of the non-existence of stagnant growth or remaining physically young without dying, so i'm more than happy to be given the time to redeem myself again and again and collect my rewards later insyaAllah. Hopefully we all will for our own sake yea!

So i hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and my transition from being married to the added diaper activities. May Allah bless all of you.

P/s: Allah is not mine to claim. Neither is He exclusive for the muslims. We believe He is for all, the One and Only God. So yeah, you may use His name if you want to for your own pure and good intentions. I'm sure we're civilized enough to not make fun of each other's gods right? I know i won't make fun of yours iA. :) (sempat selitkan mini ceramah! Hehe!)

Till then. Lotsa love from Docbamby, Mr B and baby Yusuf!

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