Friday, November 23, 2012

Wudhu' the Prophet Muhammad pbuh's way!

Salam everybody!

Today i want to share with you on a thing i just got to know this year from my kelas agama. As mentioned in the title and from my 'inviting' catchphrase from fb and twitter updates, i'm assuming not many of you know that there's a thing called "wudhu (ablution) the Prophet Muhammad pbuh's way!". If you do, then alhamdulillah for you. But i must ask, where were your blogpost or fb/twitter updates on them? or why wasn't it brought up during our casual meet ups?

In sha Allah, i won't keep this to myself. So let me make this easier by sharing it with you. I'm not gonna delineate the whole methodology in writing. But thank God for this show "Fattabiouni" (my fave!), which shares the stories of living the sunnah of our prophet pbuh, and thanks also for this hamba Allah who uploads them on youtube. So that learning these can be at the very tip of our fingers! Easy peasy eh?

Well not yet. It sounds easy. But to get people to read/see and do this ain't that easy. Hubby have commented why i get so worked up when i share something verrrryy valuable to anyone (from patients on health stuff or friends on knowledge), that some just seem.... indifferent. Coz honestly, the degree of excitement and the "OMG!' moment i had when i found out, didn't seem that appealing to some. But hubby was right. "You can only bring the horse to the water. You can't tell it to drink it." Or in other terms: "hidayah hanya di tangan Allah. kita hanya wajib menyampaikannya." That was what was told to our Prophet pbuh from God when he too was flustered by the laidback attitude and ignorance some of his people had towards his teachings of One God.

So i'm definitely no prophet. But as a muslim, i have to do my bit. So if my catchphrase wasn't enticing enough for you to know that your wudhu' method might be wrong/inaccurate, may Allah save you from the similitude to those who reject faith when it was introduced. Nauzubillah. You don't want to be refusing knowledge especially regarding your way of life as a muslim do you?

For more detailed education on this and performing solat the Rasulullah s.a.w's way (sifat solat nabi), my hubby has set up a class that is held twice a month at IJN's praying room by an a'lim ustaz. It's very casual and fun, just a group of people gathering to learn knowledge and misconceptions on Islam, and so happens the topic now is on sifat solat nabi. Everyone is welcome!!! Do bring your kids along too as the place is spacious! oh! and did i mention that it is FREE?! hehehe. A valuable stuff for free, isn't that a deal? If starbucks were to offer "free coffee every twice a month!", I'm pretty sure you'd go at least once! =P So if you're interested, please don't hesitate to contact me for details!

As promised, here it is. Selamat beramal!

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