Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm On MC!


I'm sure you're wondering. how could a now-stay-at-home-mom claimed to be on MC (sick leave)? I mean to whom does she pass the slip to right? and what work could she be possibly be excused from doing? oops! ok! don't go there yea? you've been warned! hehehe.

Well, i am actually sick. i was tidying my room closet yesterday and suddenly those sneezes came, and just wouldn't go away. I thought they were just my allergy to dust. But hubby has caught the flu bug before and is still suffering from it. so i guess one thing leads to another. hehe. not that i'm blaming hubby of course! *me love you babyboy!*

So believe it or not, i actually do get an MC! how? i asked my hubby if i can get one. And he smiled saying, "of course!". I requested for 2 days but i guess it'll depend on how long i can get back to work. So how does a SAHM get an MC? well, i am allowed to not cook or do other heavy housework till i recover! and i get to rest and sleep as often as i want! hoorayyy!

Thankfully, Yusuf has been very helpful and accomodating too. Since he had just recovered from flu himself over a week ago, he was pretty happy playing alone while i lounge nearby with a box of tissues. And he kept looking over when i blow my nose, probably wondering why i'm making those funny sounds. When i nap, he's more than happy to join me as well! Definitely, mommy's little helper! Alhamdulillah.

What made me wanted to blog today was to share this joke i found while reading from Reader's Digest yesterday. I find it sooo relatable, and hilarious at the same time! and yet it's damn accurate! One of those intelligent humor that me loves! So here's how it goes:

The Stay at home Mom.

My husband came home from work to find our two kids playing in the driveway covered in paint, a broken window with a hole the size of a tennis ball, every room of the house in a clutter of mess, and no dinner waiting for him. Worried that something had happened to me, he rushed upstairs, only to find me curled up in bed in my pyjamas, reading a magazine.

"What on Earth is going on here?" he asked. I smiled warmly before replying,

"You know how yesterday you asked me exactly what it is i do everyday?" He nodded.

"Well today i didn't."

Please tell me you LOL! ;P

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