Thursday, November 15, 2012

A new year, but same old story..

Salam maal hijrah to all muslims!

Maal hijrah denotes the new year to muslims around the world. it's been 1434 years since our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w did his hijrah (migration) with the earliest group of people that have accepted Islam. A thousand years plus seems very long if you ask me. But if you look at how Islam is now, it's sad to say we're not 100% peaceful or successful as how it reached its prime time back then.

Sure, there are some good news. Good as in the faith has touched and reached out to many hearts, troubled or calm, enticing them without the use of violence or swords or guns that was infamously claimed by some. Sure, there are also many sabotages created purposely for it to be tarnished and fill with hatred. But as devious as these plans maybe, it is no doubt that many are drawn to Islam without coercion. Like the beautiful story of Yusuf Estez who was a protestant minister, and his love for knowledge of God and faith brought him to Islam without a gun forced to his head or any threat whatsoever. In fact, he was excited yet worried to tell his wife about it, but it was she who gave him the ultimatum that she wanted to be a muslim and asked for his divorce if he is displeased.

Subhanallah. God is great indeed. As muslims, we were never allowed to force anyone into believing what we believe. but it is our responsibility to explain and share the beauty of it, for the interested or the curious minds. See! we're not that stingy when it comes to sharing great things tau! hehe. But of course, it is normal that some followers would purposely or accidentally spoil its perfection with their own withering beliefs or ignorance. As Dr Zakir Naik would say:

 "If you want to learn a religion, go to their books and scriptures, don't look at their people. If you want to learn Islam, read the Quran and authentic hadiths, don't look at the muslims." 

I don't know about you, but that's a darn good advice! I would agree because i myself have not started out as an exemplary muslim. So who am i to complain when people ridicule the religion when i had ridiculed it with my own ignorance in the first place? Alhamdulillah, He is soo merciful. So as long as you're healthy and breathing still, it is never too late to repent and love Islam like how it should be loved. Another great quote that shook me to the bone would be from Boona Mohamad:

"how can you be a believer if you don't live according to your beliefs?"

As all things that were impressive, there are some that's just, hands down, downright embarrassing and depressing. Just imagine on the new year, and the first few tweets i read this morning are about Gaza being attacked by a state that i don't wish for it to exist ever, Israel. Gosh! i mean, just look at all of us, just watching! helpless! if some of us ARE helpless that is! and seriously, by now, have you not seen who are using the firearms and bombs , JUST to push people out of their own country! and kill them! that's like your neighbour watching you and your family being attacked by burglars in your own home despite you screaming for help. and worst, they still watch you as your children are slashed and killed right in front of you??!! horrific? yes! sadly you'd feel this, only if this happens to you or to someone close that you know right? But wake up please! What is it about Israel that is nice and ok? as a human being with morals of different faiths, surely you feel the great sympathy of the people of Gaza? just because they are hated on what they believe in, and just because Israel wants a new home! They have the rights to kill for it?

It's sad. It's humiliating. It's ridiculous. It's devastating. Here we are celebrating our new year happily in our comfy home in a peaceful country, listening to loud sounds of fireworks at night. While some are just wrecked of their homes, sitting in a corner of a rubble with little children and the sounds of bombs flying everywhere out of control, above their heads, behind their backs, just hoping it would not hit them. I can't help but feel really sorry for them. I can only cry here silently. May Allah reward your courage and patience for believing in Him through this difficult times Gaza. And may He have mercy on us who are here helpless to do anything but only pray for you. As for Israel and whoever that's behind this monstrous plan, I know Allah will reserve heavy punishment specifically for you. That, i don't need to worry. Only time will tell.

My wish, is hopefully this new year, we become better people in general, and a more devout muslim at heart. Have an open mind to learn and re-learn things. Especially the knowledge of our own faith. And since it is so easy for us to claim to do things based from our prophet Muhammad s.a.w, please have the decency to double check its authenticity. And if we can't afford to follow all the things he did, please don't add or replace them with new ones. Coz there just can't be a shortcut or "better ways" than his. And I'm sure we love him enough not do that.

I end my post with another beautiful quote i stumble on twitter, which goes something like this:

"Put Allah first, and you will never be last." 

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