Monday, November 12, 2012

Doctor = Awesome!


I just thought i'd write something coz i'm still wide awake, and my 2 boys have already zonked out since 9.30pm! yeaa.. perasan muda lar staying up late! hehehe.

I decided i'd like to jot down this memory of me doing super awesome stuff that not many have the chance to do in their whole lifetime! At least it will be a great story to tell Yusuf and future grandchildren (insyaAllah!) of how cool their grandmother is! hehe.

Believe it or not, sometimes i missed the times working in a hospital. Some lar. but not all. hehe. Did u know, i used to do quite a number of interesting procedures in OT/wards and clinics that you'd probably never thought i could? You know how some people can just look at you and think you're fragile or so preppy that you're too weak (or too boring!) to do demanding workload? Well, if she happens to be a doctor, THINK AGAIN!

For starters, i got a chance to personally chainsaw someone's end of femur bone (that's your leg bone) off for an above-knee amputation, because of poorly-controlled diabetes that the disease had eaten up his lower part of the leg! Literally saw his bone off and stitch a flap of his skin to make a stump! How cool is that huh?! Awesome experience for me, but not so much for the patient of course.

As part of our training, we had to ace the technique of placing a central venous catheter to monitor the patient's central venous pressure or administer fluids or drugs straight into their heart. Wanna know how this is done? well, we poke your arm, the space where we usually take your blood from, except with a much bigger needle. Then we slowly maneuver a long rubber tube that could fit into your blood vessel, all the way from your arm into the right chamber of your heart! awesome??? saaanngggaaatttt!!!!!!

Other supercool things that must also be at the tip of our fingers were to perform lumbar punctures (where we poke another big needle in between a space in your spine to withdraw the fluid), peritoneal tappings (poke yes, another big hole in your tummy to drain excess fluid), pleural tappings (poke a hole at the side of your chest in between your ribs to drain fluid from your lungs), and not to mention deliver babies!!! when i was in HKL, the minimum requirement to pass our internship in O&G was 25 normal births! of course, HKL had LOTS to offer! hehehe. I literally jumped for joy when i successfully intubated a patient to prep him for general anaesthesia!!! Shoving a tube down the throat while the patient is unconscious is not easy bro!! So i deserved the mini dance! hehe!

As for personal experiences, I enjoyed my surgical posting the most out of all postings. That's because i had a great ensemble of surgical housemans to work with. And the bosses and senior MOs were mostly cool as well! The ward staff were great too! Time flies so fast when you're actually having fun. That was what i felt when i was in that department. I definitely learned a lot and was given loads of golden opportunities to amazing procedures and surgeries, simply because i had the extra interest and initiative. A few of the highlights, was a chance to assist one to one with the surgeon on a split skin grafting procedure on a burnt patient! here i get to slice out a part of the skin which was not burnt, then flattened it with a machine that i swear resembles the one you have to flatten your dough to make a pizza base! after that i stick it onto the raw, exposed skin that had been cleansed from the burn and cover it up! again! aweeeesoooommeee!!!

I also had the chance to be my own surgeon!!! *scrrrreeeeaammmsss!* i get to perform an appendicectomy on my own!!!! *screams agaiiiinnn!* and i remembered the time this happened was during my oncall at about after midnight. Dari ngantuk terus terbeliak mata! It was truly an honour and amazeballs! That MO was confident enough to let me do that procedure with him as my assistant and supervised me throughout the whole process. Not to mention, he was kind enough to let me finish my post with a great experience! And some surgeons were sooooo kind to let me stitch up the artery and vein together to make an AV fistula on a renal failure patient for dialysis! *sighing happily* yeap! those were the days my friend! i thought they'd never end! ececeeeyyy! nyanyi plak! =P

But honestly, i'm pretty glad it ended! hahahaha! it was fun while it lasted. i would have probably pursued my career as a surgeon (coz i was personally offered!), but i decided to embark on a more awesome journey and career path! In my humble opinion. If i could go back and change one thing, that would be to buy iPhone 1 and snap alot of pics and record videos of those moments! And if instagram had existed, i would prolly IG nearly every single thing! haha! As if ada masa in the first place!

I guess, i made this post as also an answer to those who wondered what i could possibly be doing at home now or perhaps think i am not doing anything. Well, after reading all that, i'm sure you're convinced i've done a hell lot more in my 4 years than most of you did in your 10 years! oops! ehem. pardon me. But don't think i'm into some form of early retirement or what not. Coz honestly, my current jobscope equates or surpasses all those things i did and it's waaaayy more challenging than trying to fix people back to health. It is trying to raise a good, and healthy one. Inside and out. If only you would comprehend the degree of its' importance and seriousness like i do, i'm sure you would agree too. Plus, delivering my own baby had to top all the other awesome stuff i did, no?hehe.

So to my colleagues, as a fellow doctor who is out of that environment for the time being and looking back, what you do on a daily basis, that might seem indifferent to you at times, just remember, that you're doing an awesome, jaw-dropping job to most people out there! Sure, we make mistakes, but that makes us human. If they still go on thinking they're way better, i'm sure we're more than happy to hand them the knife so they can remove their own cancers. Ok. maybe not. Mad respect to you who are still doing these cool stuff! For i am now convinced why this is one of the most noble and honorable professions in the world! And one word definitely sums it all up...


For now, i am my own surgeon in the kitchen and "melapah daging" is among the many procedures that I'm in the midst of acing. hehehe.

Goodnite peeps!

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