Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We are 3!

Salam and hello everyone!

Yesterday, 16/10/12, marked my 3rd anniversary together with hubby! We are 3! and literally 3! Hehehe. Yea. Yusuf kena mention jugak! ;P

During the day, while waiting for hubby to come back from work to celebrate, he told me to play our wedding video for Yusuf to watch. I must say agak khusyuk lar dia tengok! Prolly in awe because mommy and daddy was sooo kurus back then! hahaha!

Is that you mommy? gosh!! ;P

Beautiful memories!!!

We had a lovely dinner at Carlos coz i'm diggin their mexican food a lot! Here are some pics of their awesome dishes!

The super delicious tacos! i'm addicted to these!

Grand tres lamb chop!!! Uh-ma-zing!!!

I forgot to snap a pic of hubby's lamb rack. But they were all goooood!!! Later we had to have the dessert that we haven't had in quite a long while!

RVC! How we missed you!!!

Love in a cup!!!

I cudn't take coffee becoz nanti budak kecik tu hyper malam-malam! He was of course rather sleepy already. Mommy and daddy likes to go out at night lar cayang! Hehehe.

Kecayangan daddy!

Kecayangan mommy jugak!

2+1 makes 3!
Notice the expression? dah syeleepy lar tu!! ;D

It was a simple, yet lovely celeb. We didn't go anywhere because well for one, it is on a weekday. Secondly, because we had an early celebration getaway to penang about 2 weeks back! It was fun! I'm not gonna say much about it. So let the pics do all the talking shall we?


First time here!

A must-pose pic of him "rasmikan" the bed!

Dinner at the bar.

Their complimentary platter! banyak and sedap giler!

Butterscotch pie with vanilla ice-cream!

Then we headed here!! Just in time!

Dah ada tv for better viewing of him at the ladies section!

Taddaaaa!!! Just gotta have a pic with Dato Dr Asri! #hugefans

Muka budak yang tunggu semalaman nak mandi pool!

In action!

We rockin it!

Splashy splashy with daddy!

Akhirnyer kepenatan!!!

There you have it! We missed out on the foodies we had when we were here the last time, but it was a short trip so it was ok. Although, maaaayyybeee Yusuf didn't quite like sleeping in the HRH room. coz that night he woke up suddenly and cried badly! It took me awhile to console him for he has never cried like that before. soo yeaaa...

Anyhoo, that was how this year went so far in terms of celebrating. Who knows, nak cover balik we might make another short trip? hehehe. But jokes aside, I'm eternally and very grateful that we made it another year together as hubby and wife. Alhamdulillah! Looking forward and praying for many more years to come and may we be together forever till Jannah insyaAllah! Do pray for us! =)

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