Monday, October 22, 2012

Poopsie daisy!

Salam everybody!

How's your weekend so far? Mine has been pretty interesting. Some plans were in effect but some weren't. But hey, Allah is the Planner of all planners right? ;)

Just a little update on the lil guy. He turned 8 months old last friday. Gosh how time flies! And just a few days prior to that, i noticed a change (like i do everytime he's getting a month older!). Like all changes that were fun and interesting to watch, this one is kinda icky to deal with. But still interesting, nonetheless! i think. -.-" 

I'm talking about his poop! Hehehe. Yeap! His poop has changed to a much firmer consistency and has formed slightly! Yeayness! Okaaayy! Before u go all 'euuwwww!! That's gross!' or 'what's the big huha on that?!' Ahaaa! Here's the fascinating part! My baby is still exclusively breastfeeding!! Yeap! No food or other form of liquids whatsoever! Just good ol' mommy's breastmilk!

Well, when i get babycentre's updates that babies should have a change in poo after 6 months, and Yusuf hasn't, it's simple enough for me to understand that that's because i didn't start introducing him to food yet. Therefore his stool (or poo) was still that of fluid-like consistency. I did wonder if he was going to have this type of poo for as long as he would be on breastmilk. For me, that thought was logical at the time.

But subhanallah, God is indeed great. The change in consistency and form goes to show that the studies (small scale ones which i happened to read, coz no big companies wud do so coz busy promoting baby food and formula milk or getting funded), shows that breastmilk will change in its consistency to meet the necessary requirements as the baby grows as well! How awesome is that eh?? Saaaannggggaaaaattt!!!

It is said that they've found out that the constituents of breastmilk after one year of breastfeeding, the milk has more protein and iron than it had before that! This is to adapt to the needs of the toddler where protein is vital in building muscle mass! I don't know about you, but that fact has got my jaw dropped and eyeballed!!!! At least to me it did!

Besides the change in poo, i am pleased (and grateful!) to know he's thriving well. He's a bit on the tall side tho. That has to follow daddy! =) Of course i'll keep monitoring this and will take any intervention, if necessary. For now, i'm going with the flow bebeh! And no, i didn't pioneered this practice obviously. My sources are as sound as any medical journal or health articles that's out there for you, to suit your individual needs or preferences. It's true when they say you only do the things you believe in. And i believe in mine. 

If you have any enquiries about this don't hesitate to drop an email to me. I'm trying to inculcate a 'sharing is caring' attitude. So everybody's welcome!

Till then.

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