Friday, August 10, 2012

My fave teddy of all!

Salam and hello all!

So how's the fasting month been going for uolls so far? Hope it's been one filled with enlightenment and many blessings. Yesterday, we did our "official" raya shopping together! The whole family! This time, raya is obviously more exciting and extra meaningful due to the newcomer in our lives! Yes, Yusuf! Mommy's talking about you cayang! =)

Believe it or not, it is also the first time i went shopping, without buying anything for myself! Honest! Ok. Auntie Annes don't count lar. Hehe. My hubby got something he wanted. But mostly my spree was for this lil guy! And i never thought buying for someone else could exhibit the same exhilaration like buying for yourself! Now i understand why moms have those extra kicks to their shopping experience! Hehehe.

Since i have switched career as a SAHM for awhile (oklar! A long while!), i thought of probably spending for raya this year moderately. (dah kena berjimat-cermat ok!) hehe. But thankfully, as mentioned by God, each child is promised his own good fortune (rezeki). And Yusuf have had some of his alright! His beloved grandma gave him some pocket money that is entrusted to his parents (me mostly!) to spend on his raya clothes! Alhamdulillah. Thank you wan! ;)

So midvalley megamall was our chosen shopping spot. Although there weren't that many children's apparel outlets, thus i wasn't so much spoilt for choice. I must admit, i never knew that children's clothes can be so... err.. expensive!!! Especially the kinda style that i want for him! (yes, mommy is very particular about this cayang, tak percaya ask daddy!) ;P

So after browsing and purchasing some stuff, i was to the point of surrendering to continue another day in another mall. Coz i was pretty tired! Pavillion would have had more variety. But hubby, whose not so much into shopping (like most men i guess!), wanted to get it over and done with. So just as i was about to pull a long face (haha!), i passed by what i would say will be one of my fave brands for Yusuf!

You know how everyone will have that one favourite clothing brand amongst other brands? Their sense of style just shouts to you and lights you up? Well i know Yusuf is still young to have those "dramatic" emotions (and being like daddy, i doubt he will have much! Hehe!), but I've found one for him that screams to me!! And it's none other than....

 Trudy and Teddy!

You see, i've always liked sophisticated and classy yet trendy styles. For men and also for myself. Been trying to dress hubby up like that, but he's more of man's man. Thankfully i managed to convince him some top or two. And since i am now blessed with my own lil man, am definitely gonna go ahead with this style! And this brand definitely nails it, hands down! Not only that, it is affordable too!!! *yeayness!*

I love their collared shirt with outer vests and also their corduroy pants and cute dungarees! Very posh indeed! Haha. Although honestly, i don't have the luxury to dress him in expensive branded clothes that is synonymous with high end fashion and dazzling european designs. Simply because i'm not earning anymore now. But this brand is able to give me all that! And at a very reasonable price indeed! *blessed!* So i guess mommy is gonna have fun being your image consultant and fashion adviser after all Yusuf! Hehe! Anything for you and daddy! *much love!*

So these are the purchases i managed to get. (coz i've already bought some from other brands earlier coz i didn't know they have a store at the Gardens). If not i would have bought most from there! Maybe all! ;P

However, if i could have these extras to complete the look, it would be perfect!

Wow! I can already picture Yusuf wearing them! Wait! I can! Let me edit one of his pic and play dress up a bit.


Oh masyaAllah! Thanks to this widget on their webpage, i can edit his pics with some accessories! coolness!

Okay okay! Enough with the make-believe editing! Now that i know where to find them, and they have just opened another outlet in Pavillion, i will head straight there the next time. As God promised, I believe He will bless Yusuf with more rezeki in future. And hopefully more Trudy and Teddy's! InsyaAllah! (God-willing!) ;)

So till then peeps. Will update Yusuf's pic wearing the actual pieces during raya! For now i'm gonna do this habit of mine everytime i'm back from my shopping spree, which is to gush over my purchases yet again! haha! ;P

P/s: in case you're wondering, i don't get any commissions or some sort from T&T for writing this post, like how i did my piece on Kate Spade here. But then again, just like in that post, a hope for a little something-something from them would be nice, no? ;P

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