Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympic fever!

Salam! it's been awhile! sorry about that! just couldn't get myself to the lappie really.

Anyways, besides the Ramadhan fever in the air, it is also the Olympic fever as well! i tried my best to catch up with all the key important ones, but i end up watching some that i never thought i'd find fascinating! like rowing, shooting and diving! but it's been fun!

At least to lil Yusuf! coz him and I are given the green light to watch the tv together by daddy! hehehe.

So last sunday was the badminton finals match, where the fight was an epic one between Dato Lee Chong Wei and his arch rival Lin Dan. Yusuf was suppose to sleep early that night becoz i took him for a swim earlier. So i thought he'd be spent and doze off! Looks like he wanted to cheer for DLCW as well! trust me, when i say cheer, he really cheered! it was that very night he discovered his voice could hit high loud notes! hehe!

Of course, as you all know, DLCW lost. It was sad actually and to see him in tears of disappointment made it all worst for rainy eyes like mine! waaaahhhh! i guess luck wasn't on his side that night. But i must say, Lin Dan was really good! He literally caught nearly all of DLCW's smash hits! and he was said to be injured as well! 

One's gotta wonder lar, what the lowdown in Lin Dan's training! I mean, i've heard of DLCW's schedule and already impressed with it. But i'm curious how the 4-time world champion's would be like! Him and that of Roger Federer's! Simply because, you know, what if Yusuf wanted to play badminton/tennis for Malaysia right? So i wanna know how the secret so he could reign world champion for a good 5 times in a row! coz i'm gonna be his manager like that! hahahaha!

ok! ok! was just fantasizing. i'm gonna be the type of mom that will support whatever it is that he wishes to do in life. Just as long as it is in the path of pleasing Allah and to his own content and happiness as well.

If Dato jadi trainer, i hantar anak i belajar with u ok! KALAU dia nak! KALAU! ;P
Still a legend! Unbeatable number of grand slam wins, and still world's no.3 player at 30!
Recently won the wimbledon and this silver medal at the Olympics!
pastu buat muka comel dia tu! ;P

ok. gotta go wake hubby up to watch pocketrocketman in action!! hopefully Malaysia's first Gold! Azizul Awang FTW!

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