Saturday, February 11, 2012

I like her, I like her not... KS!


Today I decided to share my frustrations with fashion. YES! frustration! Uggghhhhhh!!!!

You see, I sorta have a love-hate relationship with Kate Spade (KS). Yeap! I didn't think I would! I must say, in my opinion, this american designer with a major in journalism, has brought fashion in handbags and accessories to a whole new level!  I just connect with their upbeat yet classy styles! Sooooo fashion forward! So for me, it all started when I first fell in love with one of their handbag designs called the Flicker Melinda. Not sure which one? well take a look.

At that time, they had these on sale. But somehow it didn't entice me to buy them simply because they were still out of my budget. Plus, while preparing myself for my baby, I had to organize my budget well, and buying luxurious stuff for myself felt a little selfish! To make it worst, I called one of KS's outlet in Malaysia.  With all branded stuff being taxed here, the price was even ridiculously more expensive! So instead I just had to stare and stare at them on their website! Boohooo!!!

And now, they have come out with this new design!

Japanese Floral Melinda

Cantik kan??!!! waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! But of course, it's still new, therefore still selling at normal price of $278. Which would be about more than RM1500++ here!!! Boooohooooo again!!!

And I like these ones too!!!

Mount Perry Rumor
New Bond Street Florence

And not to mention their purses, baby bags and even iPhone cases!!! Soooooo darn cute, classy and trendy!

Stevie Baby Bag

Everyday Baby Bag

Cute righttttt???!!! Geraammmmm!! Can I have an affiliation with the company or something! hahaha!

But oh well. What can I say. To have all these luxuries in life, one does have to have a lot, and I mean A LOT of moolahs. Or maybe just the unconditional love for KS! The fact that it's giving me tantalizing thoughts and warm feelings just by browsing through them online, is enough to whet my appetite. So in the meantime, some of the items will just have to be in my wishlist. God-willing, if it is my rizq to have them, He will give no doubt. =)

So I guess that's all for now. I'm not even sure why I actually wanna write about this brand as a post! Not that I'm getting commissions for promoting it or anything! But to get something would be nice no Kate? hehehe! 


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