Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yusuf is 2 months old!

Hello everyone!

Guess what?! On April 19th, lil Yusuf has just turned 2 MONTHS OLD!!! woot! woot! time sure flies! but somehow it felt just at the right pace for me. prolly because i'm with him 24/7 literally! what that means is that i insist to be the one glued to him nearly all the time! yang lain boleh sikit-sikit jer! hahahaha! i'm a hogger kan? plus it is my son. ehem!

Sooo! back to a less awkward moment! i do admit i've experienced some changes with Yusuf. first of all, he's gotten a lot heavier!!! 5.6kg. hehehe. so i'm carrying my own dumbbells especially in the middle of the night to either feed or change his diaper! minimum twice every night i have to do this exercise when i'm sleepy! but that's ok. coz i'm gonna get those strong arms which i've been complaining of not having before! =)

And like most 2 months old babies would start to learn, this one will get the mommies all warm and fuzzy inside! it's the cooing and smiles!!! yes! he's learn them alright! but not to a full extent, and certainly not to everybody! heck it even made me forget the sleepless nights or tiredness i'm going through because he would want to have a coo and smile time with me at 3am! and guess what. after indulging i'm end up awake but happy! masyaAllah! such an amazing thing! it also makes me feel soooo special coz i get to have this personal bonding time with him!  *big love!*

A thing that doesnt change is definitely the hogging! in fact he's getting real good at it! Sampai mommy cant really move to do anything else without him literally "glued" to me! So what really helped is this thing:

My own kangaroo baby in a ring sling! Love!!!

Yes! With the ring sling i can at least get the washed clothes hanged, eat, and do other little stuff. He actually likes it because every time i put him in it, he would slowly fall asleep! regardless the bounce from the walking and not to mention the little dance and singing i did when i was karaoke-ing yesterday! he was still fast asleep! hehehe. guess it's gotta be the soothing rocking effect! but i notice he doesn't like pitbull songs coz when it went on he woke up and got a little cranky. TWICE! oh boyy! i love pitbull! guess that interest didn't pass down to him! =P

Other than that, the whole 2 months experience is really an enjoyable one still. yes, i admit, it takes effort and energy (quite a lot!) to always pay attention and be all smiles and patient to entertain him. Especially in the middle of the night. coz he actually enjoyed some "me and mommy" time that time. but i'm determined to do it with alert attention and love. Because seeing him all wiggling with happiness, is just priceless. And that's a gift i wouldn't mind waking up to. Everytime. =)

Till then.

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