Saturday, April 14, 2012

My baby-derived, artistic vibes!

Salam and good day to all
hope ur life has been great.
have i got something for y'all
its definitely way better than kate spade!

It's about this new man in my life
a blessing from the Almighty to me
with him present i'm not only a wife
but now i'm officially a mommy!

YUSUF, a name that was given,
courtesy from his daddy to him
may he live up to the qualities of the prophet
with a beauty more specifically within.

Words can't describe my happiness
of God's grace to grant me this moment
a gift that is precious and priceless
and a reminder as world's embellishment.

There's just so many things to teach him
things that i too have lots to learn
like what it takes to be a great muslim,
or how to create cool, wicked poems! ;P

And then it just struck me like gold,
that i dare not risk this task to others,
people i don't trust or hardly know
gets the privilege to become his life's teachers!

If it's our pet we'd personally care for her
making sure she sleeps, bathe and eating
but of course minding her is a lot easier
coz she can't fully reflect on our parenting.

The outcome of a pet that we worry
is that if she gets sick or found dead
but the outcomes of a child isn't funny
being a bad muslim is as much of a threat!
and it's something that we shudn't not fret!

To deal with a human is tough,
to raise one is definitely tougher
but as parents, we should be enough,
for that's why God made US as owners!

Who better to teach him about life,
and the tribulations he'll probably brace,
who better to be his shoulder to cry,
if not us, a familiar loving face.

With that, i am taking an oath
to be with him, as much i will try
to witness and be a big part of his growth,
5 years leave and no mothering-denied.

Today that is deemed a big sacrifice
in a world full of wants more than needs
but i know what i'm doing is right
and with God willing, i will succeed.

It took me 5 years to do medicine
and successfully turned out a doctor
so what is another 5 years then?
if it's a start to be a successful mother!

InsyaAllah, with this path we've chosen,
we will try to raise him a mukmin
so his ways is groomed for a destination
that one day will lead him to heaven.

So hopefully the efforts as parents
will be our form of savior in the afterlife.
to save us from this worldly prison
and insyaAllah enters His paradise.
thus it's important we do it precise.

Do wish us good luck in this journey,
for knowledge isn't complete without prayers
we will try to live life full and happy
under His guidance for many many years.

seeing this face elicits a hunger,
of love that i'd give as a big-time baby hogger! ;P

Poem made in 3 hours. i've lost my touch.

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