Monday, February 13, 2012

My "Icky Thumps"!

Hello uolls! 

Ok. Maybe icky thump don't really have a proper meaning (coz the White stripes definitely didn't have one either!). So I decided to make a meaning out of it on my own. I find this word so suitable to describe my "sometimes-annoying-yet-tolerable" condition/behavior. Of course, it's sorta pregnancy-related, but I don't want to be blaming ALL the stuff on being preggers you know. Even though it is exaggerated (and yes, some are so synonymous) when being pregnant.

So to start, these are the things that I have to endure in my current situation. My very own Icky Thumps!

  • Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)
Believe it or not, I am actually one of those who are (blessed? unfortunate?) to have this. This condition reflects to a pain at one's symphysis pubis area. 

The joint would be the light blue-coloured thingy in the middle.

To simplify, that area down there is held by some ligaments to make us stable when supporting our weight. However, in pregnancy, a hormone called relaxin, is expressed and makes our joint and ligaments all... err... relaxed! Why is it relaxed? well so that the ligaments can loosen a bit to accommodate and get ready for childbirth! But apparently, some of us face the effect too much, that it makes us feel uncomfortable and even pain due to the excessive stretching. And the increased weight from our growing bellies adds a little more challenge to it too! So I will have it worse especially when turning left to right during sleep and certain movements that involves lifting, especially, my right thigh. Somehow, there isn't a specific treatment for it except for minor pain alleviation with visits to the osteopath or physiotherapist. However it is said to revert back to normal once you've delivered your baby. So I'm banking on that statement, God-willing!

  • Heartburn
Aha! This symptom is pretty common. I got it during my first trimester and now it's back in my third. Logically during your third, it is because of the bulging growing uterus pressing against your tummy, causing reflux to happen a lot more easier. As for during my first trimester, I have been known to have mild uncomplicated gastritis before pregnancy. So with the hormones flaring, especially progesterone which functions to relax the smooth muscles in your body, it is safe to assume that it resulted a heightened reaction in my case. So I just had to continue eating small, frequent meals and avoid spicy and highly acidic foods to not make it worse. And all is well. :)

  • Pregnancy Brain Fog
Oh wow! This one has gotta be the most interesting of the lot! This condition literally translates to forgetfulness in pregnancy. It has been said that women when pregnant are prone to experience this more frequently than usual! Cases reported particularly in the first and third trimester. However, not many studies are made on this topic, but one did point out that it is more pertinent in the third trimester instead of the first. Some would attribute it to anxiety or lethargy from being pregnant. But honestly, I did experience obvious memory fuzziness that I've never felt before! It did drive my hubby a lil bonkers at one time, but after explaining that such thing exists, he gave me a break.

In fact, he actually got a jist of it too! And there's a term for where hubbies can also have some symptoms of pregnancy along with you. It's called Couvade syndrome! hehehe! I think it's a good thing so that it'll make the hubbies be more sympathetic and understanding towards their wifeys and what they are going through! And pretty sweet too, no? ;P

Well that's that. Regardless that these things have caused me discomfort in some ways, but I'll always say to myself this: 
If this is what it takes for me to be pregnant and have a baby, I would do it a thousand times more. Stretch marks and all! :)

Till next time ladies!


  1. i actually have/had all three problems during my second pregnancy, and you're right the heartburn and brain fog resolves spontaneously once baby is out :p SPD, on the other hand, is giving me problems right now... i didnt have it with Alwi but this second pregnancy is different... i'd rate my spd as moderate with some limitation of ADL... i do hope i dont end up being the 4% who takes 2 years to recover >_<

    1. waahhh!! me too! i don't want to be in the 4%! enjoy your confinement and new lil bub!!! :)