Thursday, February 16, 2012

EDD = Exaggeration of Doctor's Determinacy!

Salam! Guess what peeps! today is the THE DAY! yes! supposedly, for about 4% of us preggy mommies all around the world! My EDD! And I'm still blogging! =P

So I've made up a new, special acronym for this big "estimation" or "error" (for the ego-humbled practitioners!) to replace the usual EDD. And that would be...

Exaggeration of Doctor's Determinacy!

hahaha! Ok. there's nothing wrong with estimating anything really. It gives one preparation and allows proper planning if in case anything might go wrong. Plus, there's a saying that goes "To err is human", right? Right! But it becomes NOT RIGHT and a downright "no-no" when humans don't admit their errs! How? Well by annoyingly, implanting a fixed, general perception of EDD, that the pregnant mother MUST deliver her baby on that exact date! By hook or by crook! So where's the annoying part exactly you ask? 

That would be when you start receiving text messages or anxious phone calls from families and friends sounding all stressed up and really concerned (I really have no clue why, coz I thought I am the one pregnant!). Instead of hearing you panic too, they are surprised to hear your calm, half-sleepy voice at the other end of the line. 

The first few times, I can tolerate and am willing to explain. But you know how hysteria works right? It's when one or a few people starts releasing panic vibes that it gets contagious and ends up passing it to others around them? So, technically, are you doing anybody a favour by panicking on his/her behalf?? (please answer no!).

Don't get me wrong. I am not here to "sound" anybody. I actually find it quite interesting and at times amusing. And I definitely appreciate the concerns and care. If at all I'm pissed with, would be the fact that some doctors made the EDD a compulsory reason to panic. And for those who wouldn't know, would, of course, START PANICKING! Just so you know, it is quite common for one to deliver before or after her estimated due date. And since the statistics showed a GROSS lack of specificity in the doctor's or machine's ability to predict accurately, this makes it all the more reason, that it shouldn't be a big deal. It could even pass as something so minuscule to make it a big deal. 4% accuracy!!! really??? 

Why is this so? well the only reason I could think of is that machines can NEVER replace what God/nature has intended for you. It's like when you plant 3 seeds to grow 3 apple trees. Say you plant all on 1st January 2000. Ok. So it takes roughly about 5 years for an apple tree to bear the fruits and be edible. So, can you honestly say, that all 3 trees are going to bear fruits at the exact same time? say on the 1st January 2005?? will you see all the ripe apples lying on the ground? Of course not, right?! You'll definitely still see some left on the branches, waiting to ripe! or some have already fallen of BEFORE 1st January!

So get the picture? All I'm trying to say is that, there is no need to panic. Not just yet at least. And what's more important is that I need to be telling myself this. Repeatedly. So what is usually advised by the doctor as a form of reassurance, is to keep monitoring the baby's movement. If he is ok and active, InsyaAllah (god-willing), it is alright and safe to wait a few more days. 

So what I mostly need from you, is your doas and well wishes that both of us (me and baby) will be fine. Thank you for caring regardless how you show it. I understand. And I'm posting this just to share this piece of information for other and future moms out there if in case any of you ever get flustered for this very reason. Looking at it positively, it actually helps me train my mind to be a lot stronger! hehe. =)

Anyways, the day is still young peeps! We still have till tonight! And according to the doctor, a good 10 more days! So wish us luck! 

Till then! Lots of love!


  1. nadia, I wish you All The Best.. I am sure Allah akan sentiasa ade bersama u n your baby..both of you will definitely be safe and healthy..insyallah..semoga Yang Esa permudahkan segalanya..Amin

    1. aminn!!! thank you banin!! insyaAllah yang terbaik dari-Nya untuk kita semua! *hugs!*