Thursday, February 9, 2012

My preggy "must-haves"!

Salam and a great day to all!

Today imma be sharing what I think are my best friends during my pregnancy! Some of you may know a lot more though! But for others, it might be something you could consider when you're getting pregnant the next time!

So here goes my list:

  • Maternity pillow! 
Ok. the first time I saw one of these things was when I was watching the movie The Back Up Plan with Jlo not wanting to let go of her maternity pillow instead of hugging her hubby! That definitely sends across a message that this thing must be darn comfortable! so at first, I was skeptical that I would benefit much from it for I could just substitute with a lot of pillows stacked up around me for comfort. But somehow, that didn't work coz prolly the way I sleep (a little feisty!). So I tried googling where I could buy one. Sadly there isn't any store that sells them. Until I bumped into one online! I must say I didn't expect it to be that pricey, but since I'm in need of a good comfy sleep, I thought why the hell not! and guess what! It is one of my best friends till now!!! and yes! I feel bad hugging this instead of hubby when I sleep! But I wasn't up to the point of what Jlo did lar ok! hehehe.

Bought it at at a discounted price!

  • Stretchy cotton palazzo pants!
These are just your ordinary cotton pants that you can even get at any supermarket! They are very comfortable and airy, and comes with a lot of different colours! oh! and also cheap!

This one is from!

  • Comfy flat shoes/loafers!
This is pretty obvious, no? But being a person whose so used to wearing heels for as long as I can remember, these flat comfies basically made love to my feet than those now-horrendous high heels! Figuratively speaking of course. Plus the stretched, soft leather ones are so useful coz it can accomodate my widened feet from the swelling due to water retention. I just bought one loafer and it's still faithful to me till now! A must buy!

  • La Senza pure soft cotton panties!
Ok. I know some prefer those mama panties when pregnant, but I for one prefer below the bump ones. And these pure soft cotton panties from La Senza is a definite must have for me! Of course, I needed to buy a few sizes bigger, but its worth it!

  • Portable manual/electronic fan!
Haaaaa!! This one I musn't miss out! Living in Malaysia with the all-year-round warm climate, one would know it can sometimes get ridiculously HOT! and since I'm pregnant during what can possibly be the driest season of the year, a portable fan is verrrrrrryyyyyyyyy useful!!! Especially if I'm to attend weddings or eat at open-air stalls! Being a person who can't stand cold weather normally, I am officially having frequent bouts of heat intolerance! But no biggie! I can now actually enjoy trips to the cinemas without an extra sweater and breeze through Genting highlands without the sneeze and freeze! yeayyy!

So those are the things that made into my list. It'd be great to know some of yours so that I can benefit from them for my next pregnancy! InsyaAllah! hehe!

Till then!

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