Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Return of Mr Inevitable!!!

oh boy. it's that day.

it has come.

and today is THAT day.

the day where i have to get rid of my precious, beautiful, unique, fun-loving, memoriable, jaw-dropping, curve-lovin', trendy, sassy, once-was-and-still-is-in-style, still NEW, beloved, OLD.... CLOTHES!!!

*sigh* as much as i would dread this day would come, it's just INEVITABLE. like in countless scenes from the Matrix with Agent Smith's favourite line he would throw at Neo.. "It is INEVITABLE, Mr. Anderson!". and boy. do i feel like Smith have somehow whispered that very line to me before i head to my room and start packing. Automatically!

Well, as some of you would know, i have had my sense of fashion "changed" or "corrected" as to eloquently put it, lately. therefore the "past styles" that i had were somehow not suited to my current fashion statement. As much as i tried to think of ways to save them, i find that by keeping all of them to wear at home was just a tad too.... unrealistic. even tho it was still possible, it seemed that i have too many clothes to wear at home than going out. and since i needed to make room for my "new" fellow clothes, having the bunch of "old" ones made the room even more cluttered! therefore the option of giving away was just... INEVITABLE!!

unpacking them from my boxes, and removing them from the hangers, was just too unbearable. and not to mention SLOW! the whole process could have easily be killed in lesser time if not for the emotional breakdowns i keep having when looking at every single piece and contemplating to let go. each had their own unique memory and the fact that it still looked good made me cringe throughout the whole ordeal! and the idea that i couldn't creatively come up with ways to wear them to my suitability, made the whole thing a lot worst. and dramatic! thank God for hubster who is napping away in the next room!

yes! i'm a hoarder! if that's what you call it. but i'm in the middle of my own therapy. so I AM, whether i like it or not, letting them go. and yes. i take care of clothes super seriously. Especially MINE! and i take care of them really well! and it also applies to my other stuff as well. call me uptight, but i take pride in minding my belongings well. thus the nature of my job. i take care of people (patients) WELL too! i can't help it. it's just wired in me that way.*cewah!* ;P

But of course everything has its limits and dues. Like a battery wearing out its power supply. Like your fresh milk approaching its expiry date. Like your Macbook lasting on you up to 3 years minimum. Like women, who will run out of supply of the "hot and sexy" hormones. Like human beings who will all eventually grow old and die. so does my clothes.

For they have reached their time. Served their dues and a damn great service they provided indeed! For i have grown a few inches wider, thus making them just not that sexy (and comfortable!) on me anymore. and not to mention i've grown older. so the fashion i had then, does not apply much to me now. The personal pursuit of inconsistent parameters mentioned (size and age) were just.... that's right! .... INEVITABLE.

Therefore, by giving them away, they will hopefully be just as appreciated by their new owners like i did. and also be well taken care of.

so here's for you my beloved cousins. May each piece brings you new, fun-filled happy memories when you wear them. And who knows! they might just catch that one guy interested in you a little bit more with the chic and classy,demure-yet-taunting top you had on. Like how it got Mr B's interest enhanced when he saw me wearing them!

Cause you know what they say...


*Disclaimer: I am NOT, I repeat, NOT responsible on HOW, WHEN and WHERE you choose to wear these items, and the possible negative consequences it may bring. So do wear them appropriately and for the simple joy of the love for fashion. Peace out! ;)*

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