Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Golongan Orang Lupa Family... myth or matter?

"B'gurl! what are u getting for my birthday?"

"err... what do u have in mind B'boy?"

then hubby gets in place, adjust his hips in a verrry sexy pose, upper body leaning forward slightly, both arms held straight in front of him as if he's holding a long stick, looks to the left AS IF there's something ahead he's aiming to, then looks back to the ground in front of him, both arms swing in unison to the right and...... STTTRRIKKKKEEEEE!!! 

"oh boy!" i gasped silently. "ohhhhhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyy!!!"

ok. unless u were thinking i was describing "digging" or "mencangkul", as u can see my description of this activity is not PROfessional. and no. i ain't describing killing off any "birdies" or "eagles" by throwing a stick at them either! Let alone to a running TIGER into the woods!!!

Uhuh. you got it alright! my hubby is now officially into GOLFing. and no. it's not those mini fancy Volkswagen GOLFs (altho i don't mind if he gets one!) as well. it's the all time famous sport who currently still holds the world's number one sportsman award, GOLF. and yes, imma bit dramatic when it comes to elaborating this in my post. don't have anything against it tho. Just the thought of the game being sooooooo addictive and worry that it could be his new favourite activity other than... well... u know... the OTHER activity that involves me!

ok. that might be just a tad too exaggerating as well. but nevertheless, the sport is actually THAT fun! On the contrary to popular beliefs among most women that it is plain boring, it is apparently quite the opposite! how do i know? well i might not play the actual game just yet. but playing on wii was quite the proof i needed! i find it hard to believe it myself when i ended up staying up the whole night with hubster on COUNTLESS one-on-one 9 hole matches one fasting night! from iftar to sahur we played!!! and did we have fun? you bet!!! now i know why my dad would hit the golf course after subuh prayers and left my mom at times at her wit's end to stop him from going!! it is THAT enjoyable peeps!

and now seeing Mr B coming home with that cheeky, satisfied grin on his face (like a boy who finally knows how to ride a bike!), i can't help but to also feel overjoyed with his latest accomplishment on the new hobby! sure, maybe not 100% thrilled, but there is some. it actually made me wanna try out the driving range as well! but when i did ask if i could join him, the answer was, "you pergi dengan kawan2 you lar k? nnt we can't gossip about stuff!" (you go with your girlfriends ok? if not we won't be able to gossip about stuff!). Ok. that was new. he admitted that guys GOSSIP. In order to retain the exclusivity of his testosterone-only meeting, he was willing to use a "girl" word like gossip in his sentence. sheesh!

So am i gonna get him a starter golf set for his birthday this coming 21st? hmmm... we'll just have to wait and see, don't we? There are just a few other things to consider. Like if i have that kind of budget to buy him one in the first place. and secondly, he's in desperate need (at least i think so) of a new perfume. no offense cayang, u know i'm craaaaazzzy about your natural scent,it's just that i dont want to be sharing it with other people. ;P

As for the worrying of lesser time spent with me, we've come to a deal that he'll only go when i'm not around doing my own thing ie. work, hanging out with gf, and on Sunday mornings. Why Sunday mornings? coz he said that's when i can sleep-in, and like a princess, i wake up to him already waiting for me like a white knight on his handsome horse to go for a good Delicious brunch! A good deal? dunno yet.

So that leaves us back to the original question. are men who played GOLF = Golongan Orang Lupa Family?

Guess we'll find out soon enough.

Till then.

Wish me luck!!!

*here's to shed the fun, lighter side of GOLF. enjoy!* ;)

**Golongan Orang Lupa Family is the mnemonics created for GOLF which translated into group of ppl desserting families. But it is so much funner in malay language. Quite the creative lot we Malaysians aren't we? ;P**

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