Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Maher to the Zain!!

Salam to all! In this first November post, i would like to share with you on an experience that, without fail, helps me with my coping skills in handling stressful times.

I find my free state of mind through MUSIC. with the right kind, it can definitely bring me to another world of my own where i can be either calm, sad, motivated or become even more angry. but since i'm discussing on stress, the artist that has helped me (little did he know!) made me thru some tough times in my life would be.... *drumrolling!*...

      MAHER ZAIN!!

Yes! this Lebanese descendent, Swedish-bred New Yorker was found recently entertaining the music industry with his own unique style of nasheed with a touch of RnB flavour added to it, similar to the likes of Outlandish, but with lesser attitude. i read on some info that he was previously a music producer to renowned artists like Lady Gaga and Akon. but Allah s.w.t does work in mysterious ways and blesses guidance on whoever He choses. Maher Zain was among those lucky ones to have received it.

From being enlightened, he is now awakened. He now composes his own songs, all, i could say, related to either praising God or His prophet Muhammad s.a.w. or the love and appreciation for His creation. and the timing of his music to arrive in my country, couldn't be more perfect. For i have just embarked on a journey as a NEW person and still in search for answers and true meaning of happiness. and i noticed the more i wander, i was at times, left astray and helpless. but it wasn't until i hear his music one day, which by the way, i was in mama's car helping her fix her bluetooth device, that i IMMEDIATELY fell in love with the tune! and i just heard like probably a verse!! it was that very same curiosity that made me rush to buy the cd after discussing with hubby.

and there it was. selling at only RM20+, the song and words just got hold of me. tightly. i cried at nearly every line as he sang through Insya Allah. tears were practically streaming down my cheeks like waterfalls! and i couldn't help feeling embarassed in front of Mr B that i started giggling! a few other songs were great too. and it only needed a few weeks through endless replays and repeats that i can now say i love the whole album. each song seems to have their own unique connection that i could relate to, that grew a constant, addictive liking.

i know i can't make you visualize or be even close to make you experience the beauty of what his songs had brought me, but i can roughly summarize on what each song is about:

1. "Always Be There" - this song is to reassure us that Allah s.w.t will always be by our side no matter how lost or troubled we are. just as He had promised. as simple as it sounds, it's still one of those things that needs constant reminding. and this song does just that.

2. "Ya Nabi Salam Alayka" - this is your normal day-to-day 'selawat' to our beloved prophet, Muhammad s.a.w. and it is made into a more humm-able tune so that u'll hum to this more than "ra ra ra-a-ah! ra-ma ra-ma-mah!!" ;P 

3. "Insha Allah" - yes. this is the 1st song that i fell in love with! its simple meaning cannot be more deceiving thru its lyrical content of his message. indeed, if Allah wills it, one can expect goodness in almost anything. including the love for this song. ;) 

4. "Palestine Will Be Free" - i must say at first this song was kinda corny (well, try singing the words 'palestine! tomorrow will be free!'). but upon hearing the rest of the lyrics, i realized i couldn't be more arrogant to my brothers and sisters who are suffering to protect their birth rights to their OWN country. and i'm grateful that it didn't happen to mine. but technically, Malaysia isn't that free pun! anyways, i love the bridge to this song! *clap2! maher!*

5. "Thank You Allah" - this one has got to be one of my FAVE!!! again, with the simplicity of its title, its content brings so much more! you actually feel so thankful! and to the right one who SHOULD receive it more than anyone else on this earth!! Alhamdulillah!! and i heard that it was this song that also brought the once sensational king of pop to his death! yes! Michael Jackson was said to supposedly perform this very song with Maher Zain in his last 'THIS IS IT' tour, which would be a worldwide announcement of his conversion to Islam. and unfortunately, THAT WAS IT for him. RIP Michael. ur in safe hands insya Allah.

6. "Allahi Allah Kiya Karo (feat. Irfan Makki)" - this is a collaboration done with another artist under the same record label and is also about praising Allah and His never-ending awesome creations. this one has quite a nice beat to it and also has lyrics in urdu, as in the 2nd track.

7. "The Chosen One" - another favourite tune of mine. altho i must admit, i fell in love with it the minute i saw the music video! gosh! it is a tear-jerker! i actually cry nearly everytime i dwell into every word. try play it while driving in your car in the lightly-pouring rain. "tangkap leleh beb!!" as some malaysians would describe it. but it definitely made me realized how in love i am with our prophet despite not having to meet him in person. just beautiful.  

8. "Baraka Allahu Lakuma" - oh yeah! official fave and on endless repeats for me and hubster! and this time, i actually took the initiative to know that it is a song about marriage! (just because i'm more attuned to lyrics than hubby lar!). but it was Mr B who looked up the lyrics only to find that it is actually a doa for the newlyweds! and a beautiful and complete doa it is. i just wished that i wasn't so ignorant in the first place so that i can have this doa read to us while me and hubby were on the altar, and have this song played as our music clip instead! anyways, it's still not too late for other budding couples out there though! and i love the beat to this one! feel like bellydancing! ;P

 9. "For the Rest of My Life" - as nicely as it was arranged, this track on companionship between husband and wife was placed directly after the marriage doa song! and i tell ya, it's one hell-of-a romantic song for couples in love!! (married ones of course!!). similar to the vibes of boys II men, this one can definitely turn the heat up while you're slow-dancing to it in your romantic bedroom suite on your upteenth honeymoon! Mr B! pls take note! ;P

10. "Hold My Hand" - this one is about fostering the spirit of 'togetherness' amongst people. should be made an anthem amongst our politicians as well i'd say!!

11. "Awaken" - as the title implies, this song was quite specifically directed to our muslim brothers and sisters in the east as to not loose ourselves in this 'world' and be engrossed with 'world-ly' stuff. a gentle reminder for myself too.

12. "Subhana Allah (feat. Mesut Kurtis)" - this is another everyday zikir which was creatively transformed into another humm-able tune. it has that triumphant victorious beat to it like you hear in old arab war movies. the part where we won of course. ;) 

13. "Open Your Eyes" - as a closing tune, this track is just made to remind you how beautiful the journey that brother Maher has taken you. another one of my favourite, it is another God-loving and God-appreciating song which got me thinkin, "how talented is this guy to produce a lot of different songs but all with the same purpose?" i guess there is never a boundary in Allah's magnificence. just as He bestowed lyrical brilliance to Maher in this song with these words:                              
"Allah! You created everything,
We belong to you,
Ya Rabbi, raise our hands!
Forever we thank You!"

So with that i end my summary of Maher's album Thank You Allah. hope that it has enticed you to experience a unique journey of your own where you will hopefully find peace and tranquility through his musical therapy. coz i certainly did. ;)

Below I attached one of his music video for you to see, and i hope you would take the time to watch it. Being ignorant is the worst thing anyone should do in current times, and before you pass judgement, do seek the knowledge on your own first before any attempt assumptions are made. coz when you ASSUME, you're making an ASS out of U and ME.

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  1. Baraka Allahu Lakuma is my favourite song on the cd too ! ;)