Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy 29th B'day my Babyboy...

hello and good day bloggers!
alas! we meet again,
this current post is for the lovers,
but a good message the haters can gain!

Another poem is inspiredly created,
based on feelings that is verrry mushy,
is of a tale, a simple update,
about none other than my own hubby!

21st November marks the date,
of a birth of a simple boy,
whose character is strong a trait,
to face the future he welcomed with joy.

With a variety of life-long lessons,
he had picked up along the way,
29 years may be a click of a button,
from a 'life' remote without replays.

but he went thru without regrets,
except with dignity and self-reliance,
with many goals in mind were set,
he holds his stands with great defiance!

Like 'celebrating birthdays' for example,
he disagrees to it much to say,
To him, it is not really an achievement,
for it's like any normal day.

"it's suppose to be special!" i would protest,
"with all the gifts and cakes and singing",
"but what's so special?" he would detest,
"without the love from Him, The All-knowing."

"if at all we need to remember,
it's not as simple as it seems,
It should be a mark of His reminder,
of how much in life we've done to serve Him."

isn't it a wonder on why i adore him,
with all the love, the fuss and fest,
for he's my knight in cool, faded denim,
and i'm his damsel, in that pink gorgeous dress!

I know great men will make great histories,
that would somehow shape the future,
with all the wisdom he has taught me,
i must admit, i'm waaayyy more mature!

So here's to you, my darling babyboy,
Bayak, Mr B, whatever they may call you,
I would like to say this without much coy,
"Happy 29th Birthday and I LOVE YOU!!!"

*p/s: not too brag but i did this in less than 2 hours!!! am impressed with myself!!
 Memory Lane! eat your heart out!! ;P*


  1. fatin,
    i didnt know u have such talent! now i believe u can rap! hahah
    but a sweet sweet poem indeed, and a lovely picture of you both.
    Happy Birthday to your Babyboy :)

  2. hehehe! thanks babe! liked to do this back at school! now i've kinda got the feeling that i'm in the wrong profession!!! hahaha!! ;P

  3. Wow I'm impressed too. Hehe, you can probably do this part time ? Hehe.

    Happy birthday to your hubby. :)

  4. hahahah! mungkin babe! mungkin!!! thanks! ;D