Monday, December 6, 2010

Hugo Golf?


Many apologies for the long absence in the blogger world! have been slightly busy, both me and Mr B. plus, when he has work to do, i can only wait for him to finish to use the lappie. and by then its already late and i'm snoring away in bed.

So, you may be wonderin' what i got mr B for his b'day present in the end right?

well.. in a matter of sweat over scent (golf stick versus perfume)...

The winner was.....

The new Hugo Boss Selection fragrance!

ok. why i chose this instead of a golf club? it's not a protest whatsoever on him playing golf. more of a financial issue, or lack of it, on my part really. (sorry cayang!). but nevertheless its a recommended buy! it has musky + mild fruity and woody scents with ingredients such as juicy grapefruit and mandarin in it. i'll go crazy on fruity scents instead of fresher ones! plus, it came with a free travelling bag too!

And dont get me wrong!! i've followed him twice to the driving range, and it is without a doubt a sweaty, interesting sport to play! i myself am getting hooked on the game!! believe it!!!

During the second time, we got coached (for free!) from his dear friend mr Z, who was kind enough to give a few great and helpful pointers! and not to mention, it was I who was lucky enough to get a free unused wedge golf stick from mr Z!!! Thanks a bunch Coach Z!!! oh boy-oh boy-oh booyyyy!!! hehehehe!

so even though he didn't get one, insyaAllah one day, he'll be blessed with his own golf set which is waaaaaaayyy more cooler than mine! and i'm hoping to get one in pink too! you know what they say! when you do something, you gotta do it in STYLE bebeh!! ;P

with this i end my post with our 'in action' golfing activity at KDE.

till next time!

cewah!!! posing dah 10 markah kottt!!! ;P

Mr B is actually pretty good at it for a newbie!!!
Go babyboy!!!

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