Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kementerian "KEMURUNGAN" Malaysia = KKM


yes! and since i'm trippin' emotionally, so the intro of my blog would technically sound either dramatic, complain-ish, angry or maniacal!!!

so today i would like to briefly share of what happened at my clinic today. 

after nearly a year of suffering as the ONLY medical practitioner attending to nearly 200 patients at my clinic, a blessed day has come where they sent me a new friend.

we got a long well for i am truly blessed to have a helping hand... and i thought, finally! KKM actually cared about their doctors! despite loads of complaints!!

but then just as we were getting comfortable, they decided to send another guy! and this time, the clinic just got way to crampy to fit all of 4 of us. (please note that i have a boss who's more like a stiff statue and refused to attend to patients. so no. i dont count her in as actually working!).

*sigh*... clinic dah lar kecik! and when we were in dire need of help, they sengaja lambat2 kan. now they wanna sumbat every tom dick and harry here. but no plans to renovate or make us comfortable. tsk2! and to think why there's many of us leaving the bloody department. Like THAT is rocket science to you!!

Apa2 lar. in the end, we're told to do our job as sincerely as possible. dont get me wrong. if u see me, i will still treat u regardless whatever crap u throw at me. its just the method would be downright different lar. plus, i have a conscience with God if i don't do my job properly. but the responsibility is to God. Not you! heh!

but all the same. patients keep comin'. and doctors keep goin'. the vicious cycle which will not get us anywhere. and to think we have that 2020 thingy comin' up. Dr M is already frustrated with us. its high time we feel the same about ourselves.

again... *sigh!*

p/s: there's actually more of this madness... but i decided that i'd share it bit by bit. besides, don't wanna ruin the fun of complaining and drama now would we? ;P


  1. Wow is it really that bad ? I feel so sorry for you ! Hang in there k. Hugs. :)

  2. sadly... it is... have to practically scream to talk to patients coz of 2 ongoing consultations in one room. no privacy at all.. thanks babe! need all the hugs i can get! ;P