Monday, October 4, 2010

Distant darling...

This is my poem,
My poem of loneliness,
Of left-behinds and sadness,
Abandoned and sorrowness.

One minute he's here,
And he's elsewhere the next,
but regardless of the distance,
He's reachable via text.

To sabah he went,
"sabah jer!" you would say,
But i've got no one to vent,
No one to hug kiss and play.

He's away for five days,
"5 hari jer?!" you would ask,
"i terseksa tau!" i pulak say,
"5 hari puasa is a tough task!!"

Its times like these
that i soon realize,
How many he has pleased,
and be my own winning prize.

i might sound mengada,
or even a lil' revolting,
but you would do it too,
and might be even more disgusting!

But who is to blame,
when you're married to a hottie,
no men are the same,
coz mine's nice and sometimes naughty!

He's macho like Gerard Butler,
And charming like Jude and Ashton,
once an athlete like Roger Federer,
But so much gentler than Mel gibson!!

That's all I'd like to share,
for now and at the moment,
even tho there's time to spare,
for me to give my 2 cents.
of the man i love the most,
and am forever grateful,
so here's a special toast,
to my own some kind of wonderful!

U ain't just a boy,
U are my very own BABYBOY....


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