Thursday, October 7, 2010

And the "Best Shopper" award goes to...

hehehe! self-proclaimed you say? but its proven!! dont believe me? ask the dishes!! (eh! silap!)... ;P

i had a blast hanging out with my gf, who I'm gonna refer to as Miss RHB here, at KLCC yesterday. she was doing me a favour by wanting me to relax and ease my heartache and "missin-like-crazy"-ness to my mr B. Of course, what better way than to go.... wait for it!... SHOPPING!!!

u might think i wanna brag about the things we bought and how much damage is done with our credit cards. but noooo..... i'm gonna highlight and share with u a few points on why I, Me, and Moi, makes it in your "SPECIAL" buddy list to go spend on those greens, dough, moolah, or whatever u call that bestie of yours.. money...

and so the list of must-have shopping qualities are:

1. Persuasion - i am quite the persuasive pussycat! u would not be left hesitating when ur thinking about that purple top that u MUST get from GAP because of the 30% less discount and the fact that it's ultra-chic and super-trendy! but of course, it's done for the right cause and sincerity that you deserve it and it's your God-given right to look GREAT!!

2. Able to give Appraisal - oh boy have i got lotsa these for ya!! shopping is nothing without the proper, adequate and correct appraisal! a "pujian" or motivation is a must to keep the spirit of shopping sky high!! only then, u would not regret buying that gorgoeus pink Coach bag that matches your fave pink-and-white outfit!!

3. Honesty - this is MANDATORY when one carries out action 1 and 2 above! thou shall be truthful when consuming with thou friend! for a good friend will always say that the jeans ur about to buy will make you look fatter at the buns than usual. but with subtlety, finesse and politeness of course.

4. Know-ledge and know-where! - this is just as important!! i must keep up-to-date with fashion to the best ability that i can in order to know what's in and what's not. what matches and what messes. what's practical for what occasion. and most of all, what's AFFORDABLE and where is it AVAILABLE. without these infos, no doubt the both of you can be lost in Pavillion for hours trying to figure out where to get those beautiful and affordable, dress-matching stilletos for your gf's wedding dinner this sunday! and trust me! u dont wanna waste all that time and energy!

5. Vitality - of course, this does not need that much elaborating. in order to keep the momentum of a good shopping vibe, one must always replenish one's energy after all that persuasing, appraising and bags-carrying! a great coffee break at your nearest fave coffee-shop (hint: mine's starbucks/the loaf) will do wonders for both shoppers to resume the marathon till 10pm!

well that's all i can think of at the top of my head right now. but i hope it's enough to entice you to come shopping with me! for it'll be my pleasure to go on that delightful quest to find the right summer dresses with you!!


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