Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sweet Hearts....

Salam Ramadhan to everybodddyyyyy!

well this year's ramadhan i intend to make it more meaningful and better than the last. insyaAllah, i can only pray that He allows it and ease it for me.

Since i 've caught the baking bug lately, it has been official that, after being motivated by hubs, i have started to sell some of my bakes. very cute selection they are! hehehe. so in conjunction of the fasting month and approaching Eid, i decided to concentrate on steamed fruitcakes. wait, Hubs decided i focus on steamed fruitcakes. Hmmm now he suddenly sounds like my Managing Director. Already! hahahaha.

So after late nights brainstorming on the idea and on some possible names, we decided to settle on....


Yeaaaah! why not just keep the bamby eh? after all it is me! hehe. so i've started an instagram account for it. and been doing some promos as well. first time ok! buat benda2 like this! coz i swear, that i'm no good at selling stuff! but pakar membeli adalah! hahahaha. so it felt awkward at times, but i had to learn the art. and when it comes to learning new things, i am up for it!! 

Again, with the help of Managing Director, Mr B, (ehem!), he suggested i do free testers giveaways. i had to listen to a mini "business management" lecture in the process. well its fair lar coz he is the one with that degree! so now u know when it comes to health stuff, who gives the lecture and makes sure it's done around here! *cough*thatshowhequitsmoking*coughcough!*

So i did them. those free giveaways. and at first i was pretty skeptical. and nervous, that nobody would respond! i mean like, hello guys! its free?? i bear all the cost for you to just eat my cake?!! hahaha. turns out my pessimism was downright wrong! tak sampai one hour, i already got 5 people saying "NAK" to my testers!! alhamdulillah! i was overjoyed! yes! even here! so this is where it started! to know if my cake can travel outside kl or not, coz one was to my nurse all the way in Kota bharu hospital! i also learned which courier is available and suitable and what not! wuishhh! mcm ni lar perasaan vivy yusoff dulu masa start business kot!!! waakakakakakaakaka! dream on righhhht! of coz there were technical problems as well, but i'll save that for my "success story interviews" later. wakakakaka!

if at all what made me wanted to blog is, a reaaallly important lesson i learn in all this. People's hearts. u bet! weird i know coz its not related to baking per se. but seriously, I'm humbled by all the experiences. i'm proven wrong at nearly every turn when i think a certain way. slowly but surely, the majority of the ones that actually showed their support TO ME personally, not publicly coz its not important to, are the ones who are near anonymous in my life. or that they are not close, for reasons that are pretty obvious for some i.e. dah lama tak jumpa is one too. they are also those who don't regularly keep in touch with me but are there in the social media world, apparently following my everyday updates. who knew.

i receive private messages from them on how to get their hands on my bakes, and have nothing but honest, positive support on what i do. and i get orders from those who i least expect to be ordering from me too. Subhanallah. Allahu akbar. who knew.

But He knew. And He is showing me that He can give blessings to anyone from anywhere, and only good would come out of it. one thing good i know for sure, is that i'm truly humbled by all this. He showed me the true hearts of people; families and friends, close friends and distant ones, and not to mention, COMPLETE STRANGERS.

that's right. my first 2 orders were from COMPLETE STRANGERS. Subhanallah. they had nothing but kind words and encouragements for me. and i don't even know them. ya Allah. i am in tears now. literally. please continue to guide me. and all others out there. to be humble and loving to one another. i know now how it feels to be at the receiving end. even tho i've been at this end countless times before. but i guess i only get to see it in a totally different light, like only now! and i'm glad i did! esp before my time is up! *cries!* how amazing are these people, people who hardly know me and are not even close, they were the ones who were swift in support, as if they really appreciate what i do. and show it! i mean i definitely feel appreciated! it's as if they know how hard it was for me to do them,  finding time secretly, even tho i don't show it on instagram! heck, instagram makes it all looks so simple and breezy and brings out the "oh-she-got-time-lar-thats-why-she-can!" reactions instead! pfft! pretty obvious lar who will be where and what in that success story interviews of mine! hehe! oops! 

Sarcasm aside, (sheesh, i've really got to stop this!), how lucky of them to be given that quality by You Ya Allah. that kind of heart. a quality that i can now pray to have. i need a  better heart. so that my children sees it from me growing up. and they will carry it out naturally. and be a lot more awesome-r than their mother. in His eyes. insyaAllah.

Since this is the month of blessings and forgiveness, may He forgives me for my sins. and yours too. and pls make doa for me in this new venture of mine. i only hope to make people happy through my bakes, for people to enjoy them, for i feel happy when you are happy. I'm eternally grateful coz He has reaaallly blessed me. and what i do. and i can only try to be a good servant to Him in return. That little i know, but already that challenging. I also believe He has written provisions and rizq for each and every one of us. so i am not afraid. for what He gives me, only He can give. and no one can take it away. and what He gives you, only He can give. and no one, not even i, can take that away. I pray to not be afraid of losing wealth, or be greedy for it. for none of it is really mine. not even the clothes i have. in the end, we will all go back to Him. and whatever is with Him, is long-lasting. and waaaaayy better. =)

So ok. Don't forget to order these fruitcakes okay! teehee! #sempatlagi #adahashtagkatblog #terbaik!

1.5kg of yumminess insyaAllah! Yours for only RM75!

Red velvet with cream cheese and choc ganache topping!

Follow my instagram @bambybakes for more infos, reviews and for orders!

Till then. Salam you lovely people! May Allah bless us ALL, irregardless of race and religion, to have sweet hearts! 

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  1. The cake looks so yummy. I am also making plans for my daughter’s 1st birthday at local event venues. I am having hard time in finding some reasonable venues and all venues I have been too are way too expensive.