Thursday, May 14, 2015

Houston, Docbamby is finally found!


Amagaddddd!!!! wheeeeerrrreeeee have i beeennnn??? outer space or somethingggg??? hahahahah. honestly, I'm gonna blame it on my verrrrryyy old near obsolete macbook for not blogging!! hahaha!

Okay first and foremost i am verrrrryyyyy humbled and happy that people are STILL reading my blog after non-existent updates since i had Maryam! thanks a lot babes!!! i hope i have inspired some of you in whatever i preached or advocate in this blog of mine!

As some (or most!) of you have known, i am still enjoying my unpaid leave and this awesome status as a stay-at-home-mom! and despite staying at home, poooonn susah nak find time to squeeze an update or two! *terrible i know!* it's just that i have been updating mostly on instagram, twitter and Facebook (in that order).

So bila rant2 sana terus post and gaaaahh lupa nak retype or repost here. gotta start re-installing the blogger app in my phone coz i deleted it becoz it was crap!

so anywayssss, besides running around with these two....

i came across a new hobby that does not involve going out of the house, and can be done at my own time when the kids are asleep! and that is baking!!! wakakakakakaka! i know righhhhtttt?!!! soooooo Un-doctor-ish! hahahahaha! telling ppl to eat healthily is my job description and here i am... downright abusing it! worst! more like practising ajaran sesat! hahahah!

but honestly (dunno why i'm repeating this word its as if i keep lying or what!), it's the whole idea of measuring ingredients, mixing them together in concoctions, adjusting the temperature while it bakes and troubleshooting the whole process is what gets me excited! it's like i'm back in chemistry lab or something!! and when i can come up with stuff like this...


Rosette Ombre cake! Chocolate filling with buttercream frosting!

Makes me soooooooooo happy!!!! literally over the mooonnnnn!!! okay i've never been outer space pon, but ok! its equivalent to doing my very own episiotomy repair!!!! errr ok. maybe not! euwww whaaatt?! alaaa u get what i mean lar riggghhtt! :P

so yea people! baking has got both my right and left brain working again! hahaha besides occupying them for the bubs! but it is definitely have been my stress release when i need my me time! 

other than that, another update that is just as important, if not much more! is that Maryam had just turn one on the 29th April! kejaaaap jer ok!! but she is definitely a person of her own! one of the  great rewards of being a mother to me is that i get to raise and be a part of the development of different individuals!! She is very sure of what she wants and don't want especially, coz she likes to do the whole geleng kepala thing (like a lot!), walked at 11months, falling on her head more than Yusuf ever did at this age (read more robust for a girl!), and can shake her bonbons naturally to music and do it waaaay better (and cooler!) than Yusuf can now! that's my girl!! hahahaha!

But the similar things i love and would not get tired of that happened during Yusuf, examples like the bizarre breastfeeding positions with taekwando air-kicks, clamouring all over me and sticking to me like a koala bear, and yes, mommy wins over daddy (or anyone) anytime! i love that little girl to bits!! looking forward to rock the whole "we have match-matchy shoes!" or "ooohh this hijab style is so youu!" moments! :P

As for Yusuf, still working on his hafazan. alhamdulillah dah byk sikit new surahs covered. but he now jumpa a new thing that he likes to watch. and that is uncle maher zain, raef and humood. hmmm.... nak tak nak have to monitor frequency of exposure. if knowing mommy dia ni haaa, mmg music can be distracting. so iA, i can only doa to keep going and istiqamah. siapa kata nak anak soleh/solehah tu senang again? *gulp*

that's roughly about it! went some places but yeaaa... maybe next time lar post as latergram kinda thing. boleh ker? haha! 

hmmm... funny kan when ur needed to summarise your life in the past absence but you can only come up with just this much. gotta wonder when we grow old, how much of our life can we summarise into. a one week, daily rant speech? or just a one-hour, two-hours tops, kinda chat to a stranger? *something to ponder when we face our daily life as to which things/actions are REAL priorities* #lifeisindeedshort #thislifeisshort #akhiratisforever #Allahisnumberonepriority  #dakwahitumesti #bolehplakbuathashtagkatblog #instagraminspired

So i leave u with some pics of my bakes. i'm not doing a "business" business, but hey, if you really wanna try them you're welcome to order and iA i would love to bake for you. coz you will help me retreat to my me-time often to enjoy! hehehe.

Fruitcake! 5.5 - 6 jam kukus wooo! 

Walnut carrot cake!

Simple chocolate buttercream cuppies!

Red velvet cake with cream cheese of course!

red velvet cuppies with oreos!

oooooohhhh! yummmss!

New York cheesecake!!

OK tido tido!
And as you can probably guess, yeap! i'm baking something right now!!! :P

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