Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fun-filled February!

Salam and good evening everyone!

It seems this whole blogging thing is not going so smoothly for me. i can hardly update anything in a month? atrocious! eheh! But boy, do i have an update for what's been going on in february for uolls!

So why not i highlight in summary of the things that happened. (it looks like it's becoming a habit this summarizing things ni!)

1. February marks the special month simply because it was one year ago i delivered our lil bubba Yusuf on the 19th! Alhamdulillah! He's doing well on the developmental milestones and growth charts, and STILL on only mommy's good ol breastmilk! May he has the rezeki to have breastmilk and grow healthily till 2 years old insyaAllah!

2. Another awesome thing that happened this month was our first family trip overseas! and it was to Bangkok! This was in conjunction with Mr B's company trip and i gotta tell ya, it was heaps of fun! We were with old and new friends and Bangkok, much to my surprise, is not that dangerous after all! (read Bangkok Dangerous) hehe. And it definitely appealed to me in a pleasant kinda way! Thank God we weren't exposed to any of the stuff seen in The Hangover 2 ok! I mean, prolly because it was a family trip so no trips to the dodgy areas anyway! hehe.

So enough of me rambling, coz i don't want to be making this post long and draggy. and also the fact that I'm kinda pressured to do this entry as well lar! haha! but in a good way of course!

So with that, i leave you with some pics for you to enjoy. Might as well right? ;P But please take note that i didn't do a lot of pic taking so there are some credits to our organizer of the trip, Badrul Mansor. Thanks Bad!

Bubba's first passport photo!!! Gaaaahhh!!!


the cute little people in our tour!

The Boss, Mr Sheikh Nafiq!
Someone's very happy!! hehe

Baby Khayra, Bad and M!

And we're here!!! Sawadeekapppp!!! *pic credit to Bad*

Us in our tour van! This pose is a must for Yusuf!

First stop, to get daddy's and his friends' bajus tailor made!

Bubba with aunty Eyrar!

Yusuf and adorable Khayra!
Don't worry, mommy dia kat belakang tu k! :P

Then we went here!

Ehem! Boss and his queen! Future groom and bride! =)

"this is kinda cute mommy!"

Daddy actually doing window shopping!

Eye of Bangkok?


These girls are local! and pretty! so i saja nak amic pic!

Yusuf feeling2 with uncle Ezran! 

Checking In! At Amari Watergate!

These pretty ladies were playing in the middle of the lobby!

Our room!

heeeee! =P

Day 2: Safari trip!

IPC family! aka Joe's tour group! ;P

The Seal Lion show! my fave! talented giler ok!

Us with Uncle Nafiq and Aunty Jeffina!

Salimah and her adorable daughter Sofea!

The Elephants' turn to perform!
They can draw ok!!!! giler impressive!!!

But somehow bubba was not that impressed!

front seat yo!!!
I took a baby koala back! ;P

The safari ride!

How cool if it was to come near our ride!
Tengah melepak
cool bear pool!

At Nana Square night bazaar! All arab food and stuff here!

we're still having fun!!!
Akhirnyer.... hehe

Day 3: Shopping day! Tini with Fariza!

The famous Chatuchak Market!

And i had to carry him in this for 3 hours!

It's sooo hot mommy!!! Chatuchak winning here.

Time to hit the malls!!!

Cayang! i didn't know you have your own mall!
 everything free for me? ;P

Shairil and family chillin!

The most romantic couple amongst us!
Bai and kak Tini!

We had this dish 3 days in a row! tapi mmg sedapp!

Last day: Free and easy!

We chose to swim of coz!
<3 td="">
The Bachelors! Bai, Bad, Ezran and Mr B!
And their bacholerettes! Mimi, Eyra, Me and Kak Tini!

Time to say goodbye! With our cool tour guide Joe!
Thanks to him for making our trip a smooth one!

We will miss you Bangkok!

And that is all folks! Alhamdulillah for the awesome time given! Big thanks too to everyone involved and making this first family trip of ours abroad a great one!

Till next time!

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