Monday, September 10, 2012

Can't sleep!!!

Salam and good day... or maybe goodnight?

How's everyone"s raya coming along? bet all of you are busy with your weekly appointments of open houses and food gala eh? especially the weekends kan?

I can't seem to fall asleep now. probably because i overate? Just came back from uncle's place after dinner at uncle K's. so practically ate and ate some more. raya kan?

well the past weekends have been pretty eventful for us. Plus hubby has started working so a few of the weekend open houses had to be turned down. Also because i don't have the confidence to drive alone with Yusuf going to places that i'm not familiar with. And no. i don't own a GPS. the google map in my phone don't count.


OK. I have to admit!!! Actually i can't sleep because I am NOW in the middle of battling a cockroach that was in my toilet about half an hour ago and i'm losing coz i have (accidentally!) invited "it" to come outside into my bedroom!!! And it can flyyyy!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgghhhh!!! and masa ni larrrr how i wish i ada insect repellant sprays!!! (so much for wanting to save the environment!). Instead i'm close to finishing half a bottle of febreze!! Gaaaaaahhhhh!!! Baling dengan selipar pun tak kena! and imagine doing this as quietly as possible coz not wanting to wake Yusuf!!! I can't believe i'm losing to a bug!!!

Damn it! Now i lagi lar tak boleh tido!!! knowing that that creature is in the same room with me, but dunno where!!!!!



  1. hahahahahaahahahah this is farnee fatin!!!
    i always keep a small bottle of insect repellent spray at home. only use it when it is necessary. or if u dun want them sprays, get them cockroach baits ke apa tu... letak at nooks and crannies of your place :)

    1. conclusion: slept at about 4am with in between auto-awareness to NOTHING. and eyebags. and still it is nowhere to be found! sedih! =(