Saturday, May 19, 2012


My dearest Yusuf,

Someone has turned 3 months old! Alhamdulillah! Mommy didn't think to make it compulsory of updating about you every month, but at least it gives me something to write about! Hehehe.

I know you will know what generally every 3month old babies would do, but mommy wants u to know that this time, u've got better head control, more babbles and coos, more responsive smiles and laughter and u definitely enjoy playing with mommy!

All mommy can now pray for is that you'll grow into a good person, better than i will ever be. I wish i can hide all the flaws i have from you so that you won't even have a bit of negative attributes from me. But i know that sounds nearly impossible, but i will try and pray hard.

Everyday, i pray that you'll be the best that you can be and will not impose any stress on you in any way i humanly can. And i strive to protect you and stand firm on my parenting towards you so that i won't give in to ANYBODY that tries to raise u as if they forget that you're my son. And don't worry dear, mommy has learn to ignore the advice that mommy don't want instead of being upset by them. But if its forced on me or they throw tantrums because i don't follow their "so-called" advice, mommy will make sure they'll know their place and regret their rudeness, for a veeeerrryyyy long time.

But above all, i really pray hard you'll be a happier soul than i'll ever be. I pray u'll enjoy every bit of life. And i know it has to come from me for u to learn that. So i will definitely try my best to be that happy person just for you. Coz having you, is the best and happiest thing that has happened in my life so far! Alhamdulillah! For Allah has mercy on me, that he makes my happy memory of this world, by having you in it.

I love you baby.

dah besar dah anak mommy!
my lil koala!
your current fave playtime! tp mommy cepat penat! hehe!

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